70 Little Ways You Can Tell That Someone Loves You

This cannot come without a big disclaimer: this is not all-encompassing nor universally true and obviously not every single one of these will apply to someone. They are just some ideas, and personal experiences, of the times we think to ourselves, wow, they really do love me.

1. They bring your favorite dinner home by surprise just because.

2. They tell you they like the little things about you, meaning they notice the little things about you.

3. They don’t fight dirty.

4. You say you want to stay in and watch Netflix in bed and they couldn’t be happier to sit next to you and do nothing but that.

5. When you come home from work and you’re happy because you had a great day, they’re all smiley and happy too.

6. You’re okay with being around each other all the time… actually, you want to be.

7. They get ever so slightly nervous meeting your parents or friends.

8. They want to hear about your gastrointestinal issues (that’s an exaggeration but you get the point).

9. They don’t mind period sex.

10. They are enamored by the weirdest thing about you.

11. They know when you’re embarrassed, and they won’t exacerbate it in any way.

12. When they put blankets over you in the middle of the night.

13. When they play with your little brother.

14. They don’t shy away from talk of the future.

15. They don’t get defensive when you say you’re upset, they get concerned and want to talk about it.

16. They are selfless at the least expected times.

17. They seem to strangely enjoy listening to you complain and vent, because it makes you feel better.

18. They will defend you even if they don’t agree with you.

19. They show unprecedented kindness.

20. They apologize when they’re wrong.

21. They want to be better.

22. They ask for your advice.

23. Your opinions can change their decisions.

24. They’re not subtly nudging for you to change in any particular way.

25. There’s this look in their eyes that reminds you of your first love when you were young.

26. They are understanding especially when you don’t deserve it.

27. You make them laugh.

28. They are willing to give things up for you.

29. You haven’t made them change, but you’ve inspired them to.

30. They don’t scoff opinions they don’t agree with.

31. They go to great lengths to accommodate the things that are most important to you.

32. They don’t complain about decisions they made for your benefit.

33. They don’t guilt you if the compromise leans more toward your end than theirs.

34. They accept your past for what it was, and just say they want to make the future better.

35. They are faithful.

36. They are forgiving.

37. You confess embarrassing secrets and they don’t seem taken aback.

38. They integrate you in their lives.

39. They re-prioritize, and usually, you are first.

40. They are your biggest fan.

41. But also your sounding board when you need to hear the truth.

42. They make little efforts to make your day happier.

43. They write things about you.

43. If, after the breakup, they can’t look at or speak to you. It’s counterintuitive but it means they care.

44. They let you see them cry.

45. You can make them cry, in the good way.

46. They mumble those faithful words: “I feel like I’ve known you all my life.”

47. You never feel like an accessory.

48. Your presence in their life is never kept a secret.

49. Even if the intense passion comes and goes, they remain.

50. They don’t get over you for a long, long time.

51. They told their mom about you.

52. They’re never too busy for you.

53. They tell you that they think about you.

54. You start noticing that your favorite things become some of theirs.

55. They download your favorite song.

56. They keep your favorite cereal in the kitchen.

57. They plan to do things you once mentioned you’d love to.

58. They are genuinely concerned about you if you’re sick.

59. They’re excited about your future (together).

60. They don’t keep secrets from you.

61. You don’t get away with things you shouldn’t.

62. They are real with you.

63. You’re the first person they call when they get a new job or a promotion.

64. They don’t get annoyed when you ask them questions.

65. … Because they’re not going to hide anything.

66. They keep coming back, even if things get difficult.

67. They rub your back until you fall asleep.

68. You’re not afraid to fight with each other if its something that’s worth fighting for.

69. They value your friendship and your company, not just your role as a significant other.

70. They commit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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