36 Tiny (But Effective) Ways To Make Your Girl Smile No Matter What

Jen Palmer
Jen Palmer

1. Send her good morning/night texts – trust me, they will make her day from the get go. Be the first to text!

2. Buy her little gifts randomly/for celebrations/if she’s upset: roses (delivered to her door step would be even better), chocolate, hand-written cards/letters, jewelry, makeup, teddy bears, food – you can melt her heart with just about anything really.

3. Send her random texts/sexts ;) during the day. Or cute drunk texts at night, they’re usually always a laugh.

4. If she tells you she’s upset, stressed or worried ask her why – girls like to know that you care and want to help. Even better, if she doesn’t seem like herself, ask her if she’s okay without her having to tell you– don’t worry about being clingy – ego and pride aside when it comes to love guys.

5. Tell her you miss her. Tell her you can’t wait to see her smile. Tell her you love her. People really underestimate how much of a difference this can make.

6. Avoid making comments on other girls such as ‘wow she’s hot’ (just don’t, it’s unnecessary and she’ll probably start to compare herself and that just leads to a vicious cycle)

7. Just be mindful when you go liking/commenting on other girls’ photos on social media. This may sound really far-fetched and controlling and it is COMPLETELY subjective to each individual girl but I do know a lot of girls who get incredibly upset when they see their boyfriends/girlfriends commenting on photos of other girls. Don’t believe me? Yahoo answers it. I dare you.

8. Talk about your future even when she doesn’t bring it up. It lets her know that you really are in it for the long run and that the only time you talk about it isn’t just when she asks a question.

9. Compliment her. Tell her she looks beautiful when you see her. Handy tip: use words like stunning, gorgeous, incredible, amazing.

10. Introduce her to the people who are important to you. It’ll make her feel like she’s important to you too.

11. Hold her hand/give her a kiss in public. Small public displays of affection really aren’t that bad guys. I honestly can’t imagine people running away or grimacing if you kissed your girl on the forehead. Do it.

12. On that note, kiss her in places that aren’t very common and kiss her randomly. Kisses on the forehead. Kisses on the hand. Kisses on the shoulder. I feel like these show more that you care and respect her than anything else.

13. Seem just as interested in her life. Ask her about her day and mean it – delve into what she says. Ask her how her family/friends are.

14. Say please and thank you. It’s a really simple way of letting her know you appreciate whatever she has done/can do for you.

15. Hold her hand while driving. Yessss please.

16. Phone calls. We are so in the age of texting that I really can’t deal. Pick up the phone, I’m sure she’d love to hear your voice. Bonus if you do this after a fight too.

17. Plan your dates. Girls love to plan dates, it’s true, but we also love it when you plan something even if you think it’s the stupidest idea.

18. Try to remember important dates such as; your anniversary, her birthday, valentine’s day. On another note, it might also be nice to remember dates that are sentimental to her such as dates when her loved ones/pets passed away.

19. Post photos of you two or just her on social media. To you it might just be a photo, but to her it means that you’re not afraid to show her off and you’re proud to call her yours.

20. Just tag her in memes, trust me.

21. If something reminds you of her, tell her.

22. If she’s pissing you off or upsetting you, TELL HER. If anything, she’ll be happier knowing you’re honest and willing to work it out. You’re happy, she’s happy, yay!

23. On that note, if you’re upset, don’t be afraid to tell her. That notion that guys have to be all macho and emotionless is ancient. She’ll be glad that you can confide in her. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t force yourself. Whenever you’re ready to.

24. Please, please, please don’t cheat. I don’t know why so many people put others through this. Cheating isn’t just hooking up or sleeping with other people. To some it could also be flirting with random girls whether it’s at a club or on social media. If you’re doing something you need to hide from her, then mate, I don’t think you should be doing it. Even better, ask yourself these two questions: Would I be doing/saying this if she were here/she could see? How would I feel if she were doing this? If the thought of her doing something makes you feel uncomfortable or questionable, then for crying out loud, the answer is right there.

25. Be a gentleman. Open doors for her. It really won’t get old.

26. Don’t be afraid to be romantic or cheesy! Tell her you’ve never felt this way for anyone but her (if that’s true of course). Affection x 10.

27. Support her.

28. Look into the things she talks about if you have no idea about it. She’ll be impressed if you say you ‘looked that up’.

29. Getting raunchy here but; look her in the eyes/hold her hand when you’re making love. Brownie points and it’ll help in the other department, if you know what I mean ;) Oh and tell her she’s good in the sheets or whatever it is, IF she is. Compliments means more confidence means better sex and who would say no to that.

30. If you’re out with mates/out clubbing send her a small text to remind her that she’s still on your mind. Heck, just send her that kissy emoji thing by itself and she’ll be swooning.

31. No lies (unless it’s surprises). Be honest. Be open with communication. Trust is so important to keep because once you break it, it could stay tinged even if you make up.

32. Explain the little things that might seem irrelevant such as if you know you won’t be able to talk to her much that day, tell her in advance so she’s not worrying. Tell her why you’ll be late.

33. Everyone deserves this. What’s respect? Accepting her opinions (doesn’t mean you have to agree), avoiding derogatory names during arguments, absolutely no physical abuse or emotional abuse mind you. And please don’t try to change her. If you’re with her, you’ll love her for being her.

34. Take photos. Girls are selfie queens. When you take photos of her randomly, it’ll be the cutest thing.

35. Spend time with her. See her when you know you have the day off. Make the effort to see her even if you’re busy. Of course, there’ll be weeks you can’t do that and that’s understandable but honestly, actions speak so much louder than words.

36. Do the things you’d love for her to do for you. Ultimately, all it comes down to wanting to make her happy because THAT makes you happy. And if all you take from this is that idea, even that will be worthwhile.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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