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When It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Right, Remember This

You’re heading to a turning point. What you are going through right now is leading you to a new path. If your present situation makes you feel uncomfortable, it must be motivating you to move forward. It must be guiding you to a place that’s totally different from where you’ve been staying but not thriving. It must be telling you to finally get out of the life you don’t deserve.

You’ll realize how amazingly strong you are. As you conquer these trials, you’ll be proud of yourself. You’ll prove your doubts wrong and you’ll attract significant rewards of life. You’ll realize you don’t need anybody else. Supportive and caring people are just bonuses, but the decision to make it through is only yours so it’s you who will be crowned victorious in the end.

You’re going to experience an avalanche of blessings. Sometimes we don’t appreciate something sweet unless we tasted something bitter. Right now, life must be preparing you for some real good things, but in order for you to appreciate them, you’re being immersed in misery. Life teaches the hard way, doesn’t it? But believe me, there are wonderful things that await you. Remember that what goes down will eventually go up and what goes around will eventually come around. So as you experience dejection today, joy is guaranteed to be on its way.

You’ll see how other people become motivated and inspired because of you. You are not meant to fight your struggles for them, but they are meant to witness your victory. You’ll never know how people could be thanking God for using you as an inspiration to them. Whether your battle is out in the open or a private one, you will definitely allow your story to be told because it’s worth sharing. No struggle is petty. No struggle is meaningless.

Keep in mind that every diamond sparkles wondrously after a quite painful process. Hence, when it feels like nothing is going right for you, remember there is a beautiful purpose behind. You are put into a tough time for a reason. You are not suffering in vain. You are not being punished but rather bound for beautiful things ahead.

An insouciant soul, believer of joy in a mad world.

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