10 Things That Happen When You Finally Pull Your Shit Together

10 Things That Happen When You Finally Pull Your Shit Together

1. You wake up motivated.

Whether it’s Monday or Saturday, you have that incredible energy to face the day. You’re feeling pumped and braver. You’re (happily) ready to take over the things you need to handle. You are determined to make up for those lackadaisical and uninspired days. You want to show the world you’ve moved on and are moving forward.

2. Better things gravitate towards you.

Surprisingly, you encounter good things like never before. It’s like fate wants to make it up to you. People give you simple just because gifts. You receive random compliments. You get to glance at that acquaintance smiling at you. The book in your wishlist is on sale. Your mom cooks your favorite dish. Your application, whatever it is, gets approved. What you lost during your struggle will definitely have a replacement.

3. You become more organized.

When you pull your shit together you put things together. Your eyes have become tired seeing the clutters so you’re forced to get everything fixed. You plan ahead and stick to it. You’ve been fed up with the straggling directions of your life which rooted from prioritizing people who don’t really give a damn on you. This time, you focus on what (and who) really matters.

4. You finally know what you really want to pursue.

You finally resign to that 9-5 job and travel not for escape but as passion. You finally continue writing that manuscript and will do everything to have it published. You finally brave to say no to what other people persuade you to do, stand on your own principles and speak them out. You cease doing unimportant things such as spending 2 hours on scrolling down your Newsfeed because you have a better pastime which leads to the achievement of your goals. You become not a dreamer, but an achiever.

5. The people around you experience healing, too.

The aura of your revival is too strong it passes through the souls around you. You become their energy and simply their inspiration. Your healing is contagious. You don’t (and can’t) keep it to yourself.

6. You master the art of self-love.

Nothing shatters us as bad as the wrong kind of love. If you poured it all out on the wrong people then you really tore your life asunder because it’s supposedly for you. You are the strongest foundation of your life. No one and nothing else. It’s not gonna be your partner, your mom, dad, friends, neither your fur baby! It’s you, honey. And by the time you pull yourself together you realize this truth. You know you should’ve taken care of yourself first and most.

7. You choose maturity in any aspect.

When things seem to get wrong, you don’t blame anybody. You think deeply first. You empathize with people before you judge them. You weigh contradicting issues. You opt for a logical, rather than a subjective discretion. When you see your friends post pictures of their hang-out without you, you don’t feel bad. When they don’t text you back quickly or never at all, you don’t sulk. When your boss still expresses disappointment over your hard work, you just let it pass and move forward. You just finally learned how to not give a fuck on things that don’t really deserve it.

8. Your faith becomes stronger.

When you witness that you can recover from a plight, you realize that someone up there is really there to help. You may not be a godly person or even believe in spirituality, but pulling yourself together can convince you that you couldn’t do it all by yourself. You knew that there is Someone who toughened you up.

9. You raise your standards for selecting people who can enter your life.

You don’t want another wrong person tear your life apart again, do you? This sounds condescending but you are wiser now. You cannot tolerate hideous and destructive people anymore. You will keep yourself guarded, even if it means being alone. Because you prefer independence over desperation.

10. The world becomes more wonderful.

Cheesy as it sounds but getting up from a fight against an ordeal makes you appreciate life because you have become new. You are ready to taste the sweetest things after going through a bitter experience. You celebrate triumph over giving up. The world felicitates you for choosing to get up and pull your shit together instead of closing your eyes and miss out every beautiful thing it still has to offer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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