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Sorry, But He’s Just Not Into You If He Does These 10 Things

1. Always making an excuse for him not to go out with you or do something for you.

Once you wonder if you’re one of his priorities, you’re not. If he’s into you he will do everything to make you feel that he’s never too busy to see you. He will do conspicuous actions to impress you. And please never be fooled by the trite sentence I’ll make it up to you, babe.

2. Not paying attention to what you’re saying and can’t even remember a thing.

If you give him a quiz about everything you’ve told him, he’ll surely fail it. It’s because he never really listens to you. Either his eyes are glued to his phone, or are wandering in his own thoughts. Sometimes he can feign eagerness but behind the mask is someone who can’t wait for your story to finish.

3. Treating other girls the same way he treats you.

You should be that someone special if he really likes you. He should give you things he won’t give others, efforts he won’t exert for others, and feelings he won’t have for others. Now if you see him smiling the same way (or especially in a happier way) whenever he mingles with other girls, even if those are his friends, you know it already. You’re not the one for him.

4. Not bothering to see your family nor mentioning them.

Do you think your dad would like me? When will you invite me to dinner with your family? I’d love to cook for your parents. How are your siblings? He should’ve already mentioned these things because if he’s really into you he would also want to win the heart of your family. If he hasn’t ever said things about them, perhaps he just likes you out of the superficial. He likes you only for what he gets from you.

5. Giving you the urge to text or call him first.

You know it’s been 30 minutes after he arrived home from work (or anywhere he’d went to) and he still hasn’t texted you. You keep on waiting, staring at your phone until your hand reaches it to text him hey. If he puts you in despair like this then he doesn’t really care about you. Because if he does, he would be excited to talk with you, to ask about your day, or to just see you virtually even without words to express.

6. Replying too short.

Men, in general, are not really into superfluous responses. Don’t expect them to give verbose comments or too many emojis. But you should be sensitive enough to detect if they don’t have the enthusiasm to chat, text, or speak with you. If you ask them, “Have you had your lunch?” and they just replied yes without asking you back or without an extra phrase to show they’re also thinking about you then wake up, honey.

7. Showing inconsistency in his actions.

If he says he wants to marry you and you don’t even see him trying to save for the future if he’s so clingy today but tomorrow he’s cold for no obvious reason, if he treats you different when his friends are around, then a red flag is waving. Also, observe how his efforts relent when he finally gets you. Consistency should not be an issue, it should be natural for a man who wants to win you—forever.

8. Laughing or snorting at the expression of your goals and dreams.

Your passion, your dreams, your goals should be as important to him as to you. He should be supportive to your endeavors and curious about your life. Now if he simply doesn’t give a damn, then don’t expect him to support you in other aspects. A guy who’s into you aims to be a life partner who will help you achieve your ambitions.

9. Not feeling even the slightest jealousy when you’re with other guys.

It’s actually okay if he doesn’t express too much jealousy but giving you hints that he’s feeling insecure about a guy you’re close with is an important indication that he’s afraid he might lose you. Although this must not lead to being possessive, isn’t it cute if he wants you to feel you belong only to him?

10. Making it obvious he’s not really into you.

You will feel that, honey. A man who truly wants you and is deeply into you will be straightforward in his words and actions. He will sensitize your heart, open your eyes, louden his voice just to convince you he is into you. Don’t focus on the positive in his mixed signals. Don’t just count his efforts and overlook his shortcomings, because his shortcomings might already be outnumbering his good efforts. And that’s enough sign you should forget about him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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