Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Blood Type

Type A

The obsessed but committed girlfriend.

You are after a serious relationship. You must be anticipating that your relationship now should be your last that’s why you’re really working on being a committed one. You don’t lose focus on your partner and you’re earnestly planning for your future with them. You don’t (and can’t) see yourself with any other person. However, sometimes you can’t control your obsession. You want their attention all out on you which causes petty conflicts. You’re too anxious, often seeming immature but you know you just want to show you’re serious about the relationship and you want to make sure they’re the same. There are times you can’t help but just sulk whenever you don’t get what you want and that annoys your partner. You have this sensitivity that lets you see their every action as a major symbolism of how they really feel towards you. The smallest things that they do and the most subtle behavior they show can already make you feel either satisfied or disappointed. (Though you know you don’t have to always say what you feel!) After all, you’re a girlfriend always wanting to work things out and make them happy. Now that should keep them.

Type B

The mischievous but optimistic girlfriend.

You have that high spirit. Always happy and adventurous. You’re that girlfriend who easily gets bored so you always nag your partner to get out with you every now and then. You’re sociable that’s why you don’t easily get jealous with your partner’s friends (even girlfriends), but you’re smart enough to discern their intentions. Your creativity is one thing that reassures your partner of your love for them. Creativity in preparing meals, arranging things in the apartment, writing cute letters, designing your room, and even in love-making. Their love life with you is a roller coaster ride that galvanizes their adrenalin in so many aspects. Sometimes they don’t like it because it intrudes their personal space, but they soon long for it when they need to share with your energy. The trait that would most likely aggravate your relationship is your indecisiveness and irresponsibility. You don’t consider things a little more deeply and you tend to forget your role as a partner. Nonetheless, they fell in love with your insouciance and optimism in the first place.

Type AB

The erratic but rational girlfriend.

You are a combination of A and B, hence an unpredictable girlfriend. Sometimes you’re ebullient, other times you’re serene. That’s just how your partner likes it—being balanced. You can be flexible. You understand if they want an adventure, and you understand if they just want a home date. You even understand if they want space and time alone. But since you’re a balance of the two blood types, you’re the rational one. A critical thinker kind of girlfriend who tries to understand every situation and knows how to adapt to different circumstances your relationship encounters. Sadly, your partner gets a little intimidated by how you profoundly see things. They may find you too critical or someone who has a lot to say over small things. What may cause damage is that your overt judgment. If you don’t keep it cool, they might be scared of making mistakes and if that happens, they might just hide things from you. But don’t worry! What can definitely keep them is their trust in your intelligent decisions.

Type O

The aggressive but independent girlfriend.

You have barely felt insecurity because of self-confidence. You are that girlfriend who is often in control because you have this determination to get what you want for and from your relationship, and you still impose standards to your partner because you know your worth very well. You instill it into them every day. You lead but you also know that you should be treated like a queen. Obviously, this bothers your partner, thinking you’re exaggerated. Too perfectionist. Too egoistic. You are also a dream chaser that they see you as someone ambitious. But you don’t care. What you have to be careful about is your pride. Sometimes you let pride overshadow love. You need to know the difference between being proud and knowing your worth. Remember that your partner also has the same value and you should be taking care of it, too. Give and take. Avoid looking only after your own. But guess what? You still charm them with your independence. Even if they leave you behind, they can barely hurt you because you are aggressive enough to face singleness again and can even enjoy it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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