6 Reasons Why The Right Relationship Is Absolutely Worth The Wait

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1. The right relationship will not make you feel that you have settled for something less.

It will never make you yearn for something better; instead, it will give you the contentment where you and your other half equally share fiery love. It does not instill insecurity in you and will never get you accustomed to being shortchanged. It will not make you long for the things they should basically be giving you.

2. The right relationship will bear a constant reminder of your worth.

It will inspire the both of you to acknowledge each other’s value and dignity every damn time. It will be an exchange of effort to show appreciation and pride that you have each other. It should not make you feel desperate and question your beauty and intelligence. You will consider each other as prized possessions.

3. The right relationship will not force you to change into someone you’re not, but will just transform you into someone better.

It will magnify the uniqueness of your soul. It will not make you eliminate your weirdest penchants just to try to please each other, but you’d rather laugh about them and eventually fall in love with them as well. The right relationship will just help the both of you grow by inspiring each other to be more matured individuals without the need to express harsh judgments and compromise your personalities. You will both create a world that nourishes your differences as they complement one another.

4. The right relationship will help you value separate spaces.

You know that you do not need to always be with each other. You know you do not need to always go somewhere hand in hand. Or do an activity together. The right relationship will always cater to your need as an individual and fortify your independence. It’s okay for you to visit a coffee shop alone. It’s okay for you to jog in the afternoon and then watch the sunset all by yourself. It’s okay for you to travel just with your family or friends because you know that the distance between you and your partner does not actually lessen the love but strengthens it even more.

5. The right relationship will push you to pursue your own dreams.

It will never make you forget about your ambitions. Your commitment will never have to douse your ardent passions; rather, your love for each other will be the stepping stone to achieve your individual dreams as you both understand that there is a right time to settle down. You can always show commitment without the need to hurry up in marriage.

6. Lastly, the right relationship will help you build up your faith.

It will lead you to the most important relationship of all—your relationship with God. Whatever your belief is, true love puts faith in the center because it is the one that instills the purest love in a person. It is the one that will teach you how to truly love each other with much respect and selflessness. It is the one that will help you determine whether they are your forever person, because it is only God who knows best about love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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