5 Questions You Need To Consider Before You Give Your Heart To Someone

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With that beautiful smile on your glowing face, I can tell that this person has been giving you butterflies in your stomach, making it hard for you to sleep. And I bet you always find yourself staring at nowhere as you daydream of them. That’s one of the best feelings you’ve ever had, isn’t it? I am happy for you, dear. But there are just few questions that I want to ask you, before you fully give your heart to them.

Do they always remind you of how beautiful you are beyond skin-deep?

Because it is important for you to make sure that they will still lavish the same amount of love on you when wrinkles start appearing on your skin, when the circles around your eyes get darker, or when your weight gradually increases or even decreases. I hope they appreciate every part of you and fall in love with it even deeper every day, because what is more important for them is the beauty within than the tangibles.

Will they consider you in every aspect of life?

Because they should not be segregating their relationship with you into a single romantic purpose. Love should be practical enough that it appeals to all of life’s aspect. They should consider you as life partner not just a partner in bed or a cuddle buddy. I hope you both foresee helping each other progress in the social, emotional, occupational, financial, and all the other aspects of existence.

Do they promise not to leave you in the hardest situation?

Because some people will let their emotions be carried away by forces, and I hope the person you are about to choose is not one of them. When an adversity comes, it should be the both of you working as a team against it. I hope they won’t turn it into a blame game or hide-and-seek where they will just vanish when everything seems uneasy. I want you to make sure that they will never leave you in good times and more importantly, in bad times.

Are they aware of your differences?

Because they should accept who you really are apart from the things they love about you. I don’t want you to experience being suddenly left behind just because they have realized there are sides of you they cannot accept. You definitely have a lot of differences, big and small ones. And I hope that they are willing to merge it all to add a beautiful balance to your relationship; because being soulmates doesn’t just mean two persons with similarities. It could also be two persons totally different from each other yet it isn’t much of a deal because the greatest deal for them is love.

And the most important question, do they see you as their lifetime significant other?

Because love is a commitment. It’s sad that nowadays people define love merely as an enjoyment by dating others without really committing themselves so that they are not accountable for the pain they could cause. You might have experienced it many times, and I hope this time it’s different. I hope that this person you are choosing vows to make you happy till the end. I hope that they will never make a decision that could give you heartaches. It may not be perfect, but I hope that your vision of being together in the future will keep the two of you holding on despite the challenges that may come.

And to these, my dear, I hope all of your answers are yes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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