If He Falls Out Of Love

Kseniya Petukhova

If he falls out of love, it may hurt. A lot. It’s not simply an ant’s bite that heals just in minutes. You’ve been for what—two years? Six years? Or maybe less. The memories will not fade as easily as his affection does. All the pictures you’ve taken together, the presents you’ve exchanged in simple celebrations, the meals you’ve shared, and those nights when you’ve fallen asleep embracing each other—all of this will not make it easy for you to get over. It hurts, but take it as an advantage.

If he falls out of love, you will realize he has stopped loving you long before he admits it. Flashbacks. You will remember those days when he seemed to be peevish with you and making big deals out of petty issues and your simple mistakes. You will remember those days when you’ve fought and you were always the first one to give in and said sorry, although you knew you’re on the right assertion.

You will remember those neglected efforts you wished he had done not just because you deserved them but mainly because those were actually his duties. Sparing schedules for you, calling you from time to time, asking about how your day has been—these are evidence of commitment. When you remember the time he started failing to do these simple things for seemingly no reason, that’s a sure sign; but take it as an advantage.

If he falls out of love, let the agony eat you, but don’t worsen it. Don’t hesitate if you want to go to places where you had your dates and saunters. Reminisce and don’t resist the gush of tears that leaves mascara- stained pillows the next morning. Go over your pictures if you don’t feel like deleting them yet. Listen to the love songs you sing to each other. You don’t need to block him on social media. For sure you will just unblock him days after and with that, you swallowed your pride again.

Let yourself wallow in pain of the memories and longing until you become used to it. Until you get tired. Certainly you will. Just don’t worsen it by harming yourself because tendency is you will also hurt those who love you. And trust me, it will do nothing good, not even getting him back.

Be brave enough to face the spikes of separation. Don’t dodge them; instead, let the painful truth wake you up. Because once he falls out of love, it means you are free. You are free to rediscover yourself. And you are free to wait for that prince who may see your imperfections and fall out of love but never will—because that prince knows he can always CHOOSE to love you even when things start falling apart. Wait for him. And while you are waiting, nurture yourself with God’s love which you need the most.

So don’t lose yourself. Don’t lose hope. If he falls out of love, take it as an advantage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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