10 Reasons Why Working In A Coffee Shop Is Absolutely Brutal

I’ve graduated from university. There are no jobs for an aspiring journalist and I have taken to interning for random magazines just to improve my writing skills. I’ve had to take an awful minimum wage job at a coffee shop to get by. I am grateful that I actually have a job and by no means mean to offend anyone with this. For me, though, this was probably the worst job I could have possibly taken. Here are some reasons my job is awful:

1. People are self- entitled: really, you are one of three thousand people I see a week. No, I don’t remember your stupid, complicated drink order.

2. Because I have nothing better to do when I am SLAMMED with work than hear you complain and rant about how another location is better. Go there. I don’t want to see you.

3. People will complain about you for dumb reasons. “Oh, she looked at me when I asked her to remake my drink for the third time.” Oh, I looked at you did I? I’m sorry, let me just look at the damn floor the whole time I’m trying to do my job.

4. People pretend they can actually taste the difference between lowfat and nonfat milk. I hate it when you give me skeptical looks while guzzling down your extra-large, vanilla, no foam latte.

5. Kids run around screaming and parents look on like it’s adorable. It’s not adorable. It’s really, really annoying.

6. People think that I am there to clean up after gigantic messes that they make. Yes, I do get paid to do that. No, you don’t need to throw a hundred napkins all over the table and smash cheerios and unknown food products on the floor just because someone is there to clean up your ridiculous messes.

7.  I hear the same two jokes over and over again about how I look too tired and should just drink more coffee. Very original. I wake up at 3:30 in the morning so I can come to work to make your stupid coffee. I need sleep. Not more caffeine.

8. I’m not allowed to have a bad day and have to suck it up when people are being ridiculous, self-entitled a**holes. Stepford Wives much?

9. People don’t want to wait more than two seconds for a drink no matter how long the line was before they ordered. I’m making the drink, ok? There were ten other people before you, ordering espresso and it doesn’t help asking me every other drink if that one is yours. It isn’t. I’ll tell you when it is.

10. People actually think I am lower than them as a human, because I don’t have a “real job”. I never thought this was actually true when I started working, I just heard stories. I have a college degree. I am not a moron. I’m trying to make ends meet. I’m not lower than you, you’re just a dick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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