5 Times Taking A Break In Your Relationship Is The Only Way To Make It Work

Camila Cordeiro

Love is dope – there’s nothing like it.

Every so often, you meet someone and it seems like the pieces of the puzzle just magically fit together. Your new man is smart, sexy, and you just vibe with him like no other.  And, the sex? Mind-blowing. You wonder how you ever managed before you met him. You spend the first month or so in a euphoric state of love, bliss, and sex.

Everything is perfect. Then the haze starts to clear a bit, and your relationship isn’t as new anymore.

He’s still cute af, but it’s really annoying how he hogs the bed – not to mention snores in your ear. Wtf is that noise, anyway? And so the needle scratches, abruptly ending the soundtrack of happy music. Womp womp.

It’s easy to fall in love, but not as easy to make a relationship last and get stronger. Real love takes work, even when two people are extremely compatible.

There are a number of reasons that couples take a break in their relationships. Sometimes, it even makes the relationship stronger than before.

1. You’re both young and need to experience different things.

Your twenties are the time to take advantage of as many life experiences as you can before life and responsibilities step in. Travel the world, date lots of people, do whatever makes you happy and have lots of fun. Seems like a simple recipe, but a serious relationship can sometimes get in the way of some bucket list items. Some couples opt for a break to be sure they are living their lives to the fullest, and can come back to their love with no regrets.

2. You want to focus on school or your career.

One of the most important things you will ever decide in your life is what you will do for a living. Your career will not only sustain you and support your lifestyle and family, it will hopefully bring you joy; hence why the decision is so weighted. Considering marriage has a 50% divorce rate, it’s safe to say that you should always be sure to seek fulfillment from outside sources, and be sure that the career path you choose will bring you satisfaction. Focusing on this, and on yourself, is not being selfish – it’s ambitious. Anyone worth keeping will understand your motivations and support you.

3. One or both of you is moving away and don’t feel prepared to deal with a long-distance relationship.

LDR’s are hard, for reals. There are many couples that can make this work, but especially in your twenties, a relationship that can go for months without seeing each other (other than FaceTime) or sex is just challenging. Unless you lock yourself in your closet, you’re going to be out with friends, interacting with other people, even gaining new interests. Of course many can – and do – survive this, but even strong relationships can falter. Love is already hard enough.

4. You both feel like you’re meant to be, but the circumstances aren’t right – right now.

We all have that person that we never lose touch with, and think “what if.” Maybe you dated when you were younger and stayed friends over time and throughout other relationships. The feelings are always there, under the surface. Sometimes you just know in your heart that one day you will meet again, this time under the right circumstances. Like they say, love is patient… so give it time.

5. You both want it to work but just need space.

Listen, sometimes shit happens. Life is not always easy – maybe there’s a lot going on at work, or with your family, or maybe you and your man have just been fighting a lot. Despite the love you have for each other, the stress is mounting, and you just need a break. Sometimes that’s all it takes to relieve the tension.

No matter the reason, if the love is real, distance or time will not separate you. A break can be a great way to rejuvenate a relationship that has lost its’ spark; after all, you never know what you have until it’s gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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