I’m Going To Give The World To A Guy Who Acts Like This


I’m going to give the world to a man who is kind. It’s so rare to meet someone who values kindness. Most people think kindness makes them weak, or that if they give to others they won’t have enough for themselves. Someone who has a generous spirit is confident, happy, and has the kind of integrity that should be cherished.

I’m going to give the world to a man who loves his family. I know he’ll value ours too, one day. I know he understands that all relationships have ups and downs, that all humans make mistakes. A man who loves his family is a man who understands what commitment is, that they are for better and for worse.

I’m going to give the world to a man who communicates. One who tells me what he wants so that I can help him get it. One who listens to me and advises me, one who makes me feel like I am truly in a partnership.

I’m going to give the world to a man whose humble. He knows the force behind the words “I’m sorry” and admits when he is wrong because the health of his relationships with the people he loves is more important than his ego. He doesn’t hurt people to feel better about himself. He wants to solve conflicts, not “win” a fight.

I’m going to give the world to a man who refuses to take the good things in life for granted. He understands that life is short and precious.

I’m going to give the world to a guy who doesn’t think I’m entitled for knowing what I’m worth. He doesn’t want to be with a woman who thinks little of herself. He wants to build up his partner and grow her confidence. He wants her to reach higher for herself without feeling ashamed, or like she should settle.

I’m going to be with him through thick and thin. I’m going to be his rock when he is weak. I’m going to support him emotionally, financially, and physically when he needs my help. I’m going to take time to understand his needs, and meet them the best that I can. I’m going to make him feel loved and appreciated every day of his life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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