21 People On The Beauty Lessons They Learned From Their Dads


When you think about important beauty lessons you’ve learned in your life, most of them are probably from your mom, right? A great deal of what I know about beauty products and how to look your most beautiful came from my mother, but some pretty pivotal things came from my dad, too.

In honor of Father’s Day, I asked some of my friends what they learned from their own fathers (or father figures.) Post yours in the comments below!

“My dad taught me about purple shampoo. This is one of his greatest contributions to my life. He has silver hair and has been using purple shampoo to keep it from looking brassy for years. I wouldn’t have figured this out as early as I did if not for him.” –Kara

“My dad only kept shampoo, conditioner and a bar of soap in the shower. That remains my shower routine to this day. Keep it simple: a bar of soap for everything except your hair.” –Molly

“Buzz told me it was okay to play softball wearing lip gloss as long as I smacked the hell out of the ball.” -Martha

“Always carry lotion in the winter and always put it on after you shower. Vanilla and coconut scents are the best. Spend time outside! Always bring a book to the beach, and wear SPF.” –Brittani

“My dad has super wavy hair and all he ever did was wet his hands and run them through his hair. He let it air dry and do its own thing and everyone complimented him on it. After years of hating my hair texture, my morning routine is now the same thing.” –Samantha

“Stop worrying about it and eat the fucking cake.” –Ella

“Always use a sharp razor, and keep a clean mouth.” -Shieva

“Don’t use a Flowbee.” –Ali

“Moisturizing your face is important. My dad has slathered the same lotion on his face [for years] and he has the skin of a 35-year-old. He’s 50.” -Tamara

“Stand up straight. Shoulders back. He used to say, ‘Smile. It looks good on you.’” –Rachel

“Don’t wash your hair every day.” –my mom

“My dad gave me a small bottle of [his cologne] when I was a kid because I wanted to smell like him. Now I always have a couple scents on hand.” -Darrin

“My favorite quote from my father is, ‘At this age, you quit trying to look sexy and just focus on not looking gross.’ My grandfather used to singe the ends of his hair so he ‘wouldn’t get split ends.’ I don’t know if it worked, but it looked badass.” –Claire

“Physical activity keeps you looking and feeling great.” –Meegan

“My dad always says, ‘It’s real nice that women bother to look nice for us.’” –Becky

“Wear SPF on your head. (My dad is bald.) He also taught me about fragrance; my mom doesn’t wear perfume.” –Rachel

“My dad was an early adopter of the coconut oil craze.” -Ashlie

“Go upstairs and take off ten pounds of that makeup.” –Nora

“If you can tell you’re wearing makeup, you’re wearing too much.” –Ashley

“It’s simple: two bars of soap. One for your parts and one for the parts you don’t want that other soap to touch. That’s how you get clean.” -Athena

“My dad always told me to eat well and grow big and strong. He wasn’t one to pander to traditional female beauty vibes but he wanted me to be tall and powerful.” -Mandy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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