10 Incredibly Creepy Places On Earth You Need To Visit Before You Die

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is really into haunted houses and creepy places? I know I’m not! In the spirit of Halloween, here are ten real-life creepy spots that I would DIE (LOL) to tour.

The Winchester Mystery House

After her husband died, Sarah Winchester found herself as the heir to a massive gun-based fortune. She became preoccupied with the idea that the ghosts of those who had lost their lives due to Winchester rifles would haunt her forever, so she set to building a giant mansion in San Jose. She continued to add on to her mansion until she died in 1923, and since she didn’t use an architect there are stairways that lead to nowhere and strange, small rooms. The Winchester house has 160 rooms and two basements. Apparently Sarah herself haunts the house, as well as several other ghosts.

The Museum Of Death

Among the artifacts at the Museum of Death are the Manson crime scene photos and tons of creepy instruments used by morticians of past and present. Los Angeles’ most famous murder victim, the Black Dahlia, has a special place of honor here too.

Marie Laveau’s tomb

I’m going to see this one when I visit New Orleans in December! If you knock three times, draw three Xs and leave an offering at voodoo queen Laveau’s tomb (conveniently above-ground), she might grant your wish. It was rumored that Laveau had the key to eternal life; who knows if her body actually rests in this cemetery?

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The LaLaurie Mansion

In keeping with the “American Horror Story: Coven” theme, I’m also going to visit the LaLaurie mansion, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the slaves that Madame LaLaurie and her family tortured over the years. Kathy Bates’ severed head not included.

The Island of the Dolls

Dolls are creepy no matter which way you slice it, and this makeshift altar to a dead girl in Mexico is beyond odd. Apparently, after the little girl died, dolls began to wash up on shore and now the island has become a doll-laden shrine.

Mutter Museum

Human oddities are fascinating and occasionally horrifying. The fact that your own genetics can backfire is terrifying! See them all at this Pennsylvania museum.

The Suicide Forest

Located near Mt. Fuji in Japan, this forest is both eerily quiet and creepy. There are no joyful sounds of nature, only a deep silence. It’s the most popular place to commit suicide in Japan and since it’s so deep and confusing to navigate, occasionally hikers and tourists will come across corpses and bones.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Have a “House on Haunted Hill” flashback at this abandoned West Virginia insane asylum. There are several “hotspots” that you can tour in hopes of seeing one of the asylum’s many ghosts.

The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp family was touched by tragedy. Many of them committed suicide, and a teenage boy with physical and mental handicaps was imprisoned in the attic. It’s been converted to a restaurant, but you can also take a ghost tour. Maybe you’ll visit the boy in the attic.


I want to visit this historic South Dakota town to meet the ghosts of the Wild West. There are several locations claiming to be haunted by the likes of Wild Bill Hickok and a hotel owner who haunts his former residence with ghostly cigar smoke. And I’ll never turn down a visit to a creepy Victorian mansion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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