32 Fun (And Surprising) Facts About Britney Spears

Britney's Facebook Page
Britney’s Facebook Page

It’s been a big week for Britney! Not only did she just celebrate her 32nd birthday, but her eighth album. “Britney Jean” was released this week too. It’s getting critically panned, but I pretty much love every song except that godawful one with will.i.am. How about next time we kick him to the curb, Britney?

In celebration of the Princess of Pop, I compiled 32 facts you might not know about Miss Britney Jean Spears. Have fun, y’all!

1. “Outrageous” was written by R. Kelly.

2. Britney got cast on “Mickey Mouse Club” only after Jessica Simpson, who had auditioned before her, got stage fright and couldn’t answer an interview question.

3. Scenes from “…Baby One More Time” were filmed in the same high school as “Grease.”

4. Britney has endorsed Candie’s, Herbal Essences, Pepsi, Sony, Make Up For Ever and Twister, among many others.

5. Vanilla is her favorite scent.

6. Shonda Rimes, who created “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” wrote “Crossroads,” Britney’s first (and only) feature film.

7. Lady Gaga’s duet with Beyonce, “Telephone,” was originally intended for Britney.

8. In addition, Britney passed on “Umbrella.” Good news for Rihanna.

9. “…Baby One More Time” was originally intended for TLC. Wrap your brain around that one!

10. Before she made it big, she was an aerobics instructor at the gym owned by her parents, Jamie and Lynn.

11. Britney was married to Jason Alexander for a grand total of 50 hours before it was annulled. She wore a baseball cap, midriff top and jeans to their Vegas wedding.

12. She wore Monique Lhuillier to her wedding to Kevin Federline.

13. Britney came up with the concept of “…Baby One More Time’s” iconic video.

14. She was on the list to play Daisy Duke, but as we all know, that role went to her contemporary Jessica Simpson.

15. Britney’s corral of scents have grossed millions of dollars. Curious was one of the best-selling fragrances of 2004, the year it was launched.

16. Once upon a time, she opened a restaurant in New York called Nyla. (New York/Louisiana.) It flopped and was quickly closed.

17. She’s written two books.

18. Britney’s perfumes account for 34% of all celebrity perfume sales.

19. Her net worth is around $200 million.

20. She bought a $1.5 million apartment in NYC for her brother Brian.

21. Britney’s new song “Brightest Morning Star” is partially a love song about Jesus.

22. She is a notorious nail-biter.

23. Britney would choose Natalie Portman to play her in a biopic.

24. Britney and Natalie met as children on the set of a Broadway show called “Ruthless!”

25. Her favorite singer as of late is Bruno Mars.

26. In her free time, Britney and her two sons Preston and Jayden like to ride four-wheelers.

27. She loves strawberry Frappucinos from Starbucks, which is something you’d know if you
followed her unhinged exploits in 2007.

28. Britney injured her bad knee on the set of the “Outrageous” video in 2004, leading to the cancellation of her Onyx Hotel tour. Many people say the injury killed her dancing talent. We’ll never see the video, which promised a cameo from Snoop Dogg.

29. She was the highest-paid female musician in 2012, earning about $58 million.

30. Britney only has one Grammy, Best Dance Recording, for “Toxic.”

31. Britney wears a 32C bra and a size 4 dress. She wears a 6.5-7 shoe.

32. Britney was the highest-paid reality show judge ever, getting $15 million to do “X-Factor.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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