What Your Perfume Says About You

Chanel's Facebook Page
Chanel’s Facebook Page

Most girls have one or two favored perfumes that they wear on a daily basis; perhaps you have a day and night scent, or one for work and one for play. No matter how many bottles you have, I’m sure you wear one far more than the others. What does your signature scent say about you?

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

You were probably in a sorority in college. You might still be dating your high school boyfriend. Your “work” outfit is very J. Crew circa 2009: patterned pencil skirt, chambray shirt, statement necklace. The phrase “Live … Laugh … Love” is hanging SOMEWHERE in your apartment.

Clean by Clean

You seriously wear a perfume that smells just like laundry detergent? How boring are you? Why not just throw a few sheets of Bounce into the dryer – it’s the same effect.

Chanel Chance

You’re a little too sweet and innocent to wear Coco Mademoiselle. You’re relatively preppy and classic and probably have a straight bob with bangs.

A “mix of oils”

If you do this right, kudos to you. If you’re wearing only patchouli or amber oil, take a step back, please. You’re preoccupied with standing out from the crowd.

Britney Spears Fantasy

You’re still drinking Red Bull. You use a lot of hairspray. Are your nails French-tipped?

Chanel No. 5

Wait, you’re in your twenties and you’re wearing this? Who are you trying to be, anyway?

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck

Either you really, unabashedly love T. Swift or you got this in a Birchbox, tried it and fell in love with it. When people ask you what you’re wearing, you make something up so you don’t have to admit it’s Taylor.

Gucci Guilty

You try really hard to look sexy all the time. Sometimes it works, but a smoky eye isn’t really appropriate for a Tuesday morning work meeting.


You’re really into fashion blogs and may even have one of your own. You either dress totally minimal or wear a lot of patterns at once.

Any Coach fragrance

Stop. Grow up. You don’t really care about fragrance and bought this to match your tacky bag.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb or Thierry Mugler Angel

You have a loud personality and are often the last person at the party. Men always buy you drinks at the bar.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell body splash

You should have stayed in 2001, along with production of this stuff. It’s vile. Wake up, Dorothy. We’re not in junior high anymore.

Hermes Elixir des Merveilles

Oh, you fancy huh? Good for you! This is a classic. You’ve been waiting to start being your adult self since you were a young teenager. You often buy expensive clothing and chalk it up as an “investment piece.”

Any “niche” perfume

You desperately want to appear hipper and cooler than all your friends. You appreciate fragrance for sure, but you also get a kick out of telling people, “It’s really hard to find and really expensive” when they ask which perfume you’re wearing.

Do you identify with these? What’s your signature scent, and what does it say about you? Add your ideas in the comments! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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