8 Struggles Overly Empathetic People Deal With On A Daily Basis


1. People will never be interesting until you are interested.

You realize certain people are an open book but others have a couple walls to knock down before you really get to know them. Therefore, you ask people the real questions—the ones about their family issues, their deepest fears, or what their dream job would be and what steps they are taking to make it come true.

2. Your level of empathy: expert.

Asking for and hearing other people’s stories inspires you to put yourself in other people’s situations. This makes you realize your own humanity. Other people’s mistakes remind you of your own, keeping you well aware of your imperfection (in a healthy way), and they even remind you of your ability to overcome hardships.

3. Your direct nature can make others uncomfortable.

You are the straight shooter of your friend group. You are not interested in small talk and you may even struggle with it. You like to get to the heart of a person. It may not always be welcome but it is a huge part of who you are.

4. You see the bigger picture.

When you interact with people, you take everything you have learned about them and use that information to see the bigger picture. You realize people are not who they have been but who they are in the present moment and you often think of their future potential.

5. Self-care can be a struggle.

You are well aware that it can be exhausting to be a dedicated friend, lover, or coworker. You know better than anyone else that self care should be first priority. That being said, nothing makes you more fulfilled than putting others before yourself.

6.You are more curious than judgmental.

You have asked any and every kind of question there is to obtain a better understanding of your fellow humans. Ergo, you receive a plethora of answers and a collection of other people’s experiences. Anything from horrific breakup stories to embarrassing childhood experiences—if it’s been done, you have heard about it. This encourages you to reduce your assumptions and increase your curiosity.

7. Authenticity is your kryptonite.

You are not interested in the lives of others because you are nosy or concerned with the latest gossip. You crave an authentic connection with the people around you. Your idea of a perfect night would involve a classic game of 20 questions, wine, and a renaissance romance film to get the tears a-flowing.

8. You will love until your heart explodes.

Most people do not love like you do. You give 100% and no matter how many times you have been hurt, you will continue to love others because people are, and will always be, interesting and worthy of so much love. Imperfections included. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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