Don’t Get Married Just Because You Think You’re In Love


Don’t get married.

Don’t get married? Did I really just say that?

Yes. Yes I did. Not because I’m bitter and not because I don’t want to get married. I do want to get married, and I hope I will, but not now. Not for a while.

I could honestly probably find SOMEONE to date and then eventually marry him, but I don’t want to. I think everyone could stumble upon somebody to tie the knot with, but that’s not the point of love or marriage.

So many people are settling and getting married to the wrong person. What a shame that is. That might be one of the worst possible things a person can do. To cheat yourself out of your destiny? How could you?

So don’t. Don’t get married. Don’t get married because it’s the easy way out. Don’t get married because you’re lonely. Don’t get married because you’re ready to make a change. Don’t get married because you think you’re in love. You might not even know what love is. You might be in the wrong relationship with the wrong person, and if you jump the broomstick, you’ll be going downhill sooner than you know it.

Marriage is meant to be forever, and starting something you can’t finish is a treacherous path to take. When you get married just for fun, just to make your wedding Pinterest board come to life, you end up hurting 2+ people. So, if you’re rushing into something that God ordained to be the reward of patience, then don’t get married.

Do get married if you have thought of everything in the world you want to do, and it doesn’t compare to a single day with your soulmate. Do get married if there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that God made your mate specially for you. Do get married if you’ve seen everything you want to see, done everything you want to do alone, and been everywhere you want to go alone. Do get married if you’ve found yourself and you’re ready to be one half of a whole.

So, this wasn’t to discourage marriage. I love marriage. I love love. I think the art of marriage has been lost and I want it to be found. I want everyone to be patient and find that person that makes their world even just a little brighter because that is what God intended to happen. When we make a conscious effort to be patient and really seek out what and who God has in store for us, we achieve the happiest life possible, and hey, that might be the best possible thing a person can do.

So get married. Fall in love. Plan a wedding, find a dress, find a venue, but don’t go find a person to share it all with. Let God find them for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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