These 30 Mistakes Are Accidentally Making You Come Across As Socially Awkward

15. You keep correcting other people


  • If someone mispronounces something, don’t interrupt them in order to make a correction.

  • Listen, don’t just wait for them to finish talking so you can speak. (I am guilty of this, and need to work on it).

  • Don’t make big deals out of insignificant instances. For example, if someone makes a general comment about the weather, don’t say anything like ‘that’s a strange thing to say’, because that shit is stupid.” — ArchiboldReesMogg

16. You assume silences are a bad thing

“Silences aren’t necessarily awkward and you don’t need to point it out. Silences can reinforce something you say and gives everybody the time to clear their heads. Real conversations have pauses and they are good, not awkward.” — GiraffeBagz

17. You give answers that are way too short

“Conversations need to go two ways. Answer questions then ask some, listen, comment, repeat. Too many times people excuse themselves when they’re doing all the talking, pulling teeth for a decent conversation.” — but-I-dontunderstand

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