These 30 Mistakes Are Accidentally Making You Come Across As Socially Awkward

29. You come across as insecure

“Some people care too much what people think of them. Confidence goes a long way, and a big part of being confident is knowing you’ll be alright whether or not people like you. If you do this, people will notice and want you to like them. It’s a subtle change but it really changes a lot.” — DoubleUnderscore

30. You take all of the blame

“You take on all the blame. Sometimes when a conversation doesn’t go well you will start to think this is happening because you are a shit conversationalist, but the thing is, a conversation is a two way street. If that person is not interested in talking to you, it’s not your fault. You might be thinking, if only I’m more interesting or less socially awkward, then this conversation will go somewhere. But think of your other friends, you are interesting enough for them. You just gotta realize that not everyone will like you or get your humor. So if you meet someone like that, just move on and try the next one.” — rain_and_hurricane Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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