These 30 Mistakes Are Accidentally Making You Come Across As Socially Awkward

23. You never smile

“Facial expression. I have a few socially awkward friends, but unless you know them they always look like they want to murder you or are extremely bored with you. Don’t squint, and while you don’t need to have a giant smile, practice in the mirror on making a very comfortable smile.” — Gummyia

24. You let yourself get walked over

“Don’t EVER let yourself be denigrated or humiliated. Far too often have I seen weak people just let themselves get treated like shit by their so called ‘friends.'” — i_fuck_for_breakfast

25. You overexplain


For many people, 75-85% of the details you give are painfully unnecessary, and make people tune out of whatever you are saying.

Nobody cares what the EXACT distant-familial relationship is between two people in your story; so don’t make me wait while you try to remember before continuing. I don’t need to listen to you to wrestle back-and-forth with whether it was before or after dinner. I don’t need a complete recounting of every statement and gesture from a previous conversation you are recounting.

There’s nothing more painful than trying to patiently and not-rudely wait for you to get to the point I figured out you were making 10-15 unnecessary details ago, which is ultimately very mundane and should have been a quick conversation.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice or telling a story. Just don’t make it impossible to listen to you.” — Nice-GuyJon

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