20 Conspiracy Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

Some of these conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit actually make a lot of sense.

Aliens talking about conspiracy theories
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1. There are Youtube channels brainwashing children into sexual deviancy

“My son was using an Amazon fire tablet (kids version…big clunky case) and I saw a video thumbnail that had a toy doll with chocolate splattered on its behind. I thought that looked weird and clicked it…this video was obviously marketed (or made to appear that way) towards children. The content in the video was disturbing and bizarre. There were all these related channels and videos linked to it that had bizarre situations involving children. Made me very uncomfortable to see it. There’s definitely something weird going on with these channels, because while marketed towards children, there is absolutely nothing worthwhile for them to see here..” — nhkiwi

2. Madeleine McCann was secretly murdered

“Madeleine McCann was totally killed. Whether on purpose or by accident I don’t know but the parents have tried to hide it. I remember reading sometime about how they claimed a man took her and the only witnesses who were in the street at the time said they saw a man walking away with a rolled up carpet, and the description fitted the father. Personally I think there was an accident in the hotel room and they tried to cover it up. Not expecting it to blow up as huge as it has.” — nano_warior

3. Oswald killed JFK — but he was working for the government 

“Oswald may have killed JFK but he was a puppet for either the CIA, KGB, or the mob or a combination of them.” — Fanshelpmesleep

4. The CIA is responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s death

“The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe because Kennedy had been disclosing classified information to her.” — StevesMcQueenIsHere

5. Princess Diana’s death was not an accident

“Just a week before the accident she had spent a week on a yacht with Dodi Fayed, if the government wanted them dead you’d just send the SBS to sink that boat.

That night in the tunnel you’ve got a drunk driver, speeding, with up to 30 paparazzo chasing them on motorbikes using flash photography (there is a picture taken of the car from the front whilst in the tunnel showing them all lit up) it would be near impossible to control a car in those circumstances never mind a shit handling limo.” — DiggaryDonaldson2

6. Pope John Paul I was assassinated 

“Pope John Paul I was assassinated for trying to uncover corruption in the Vatican Bank. He’s the only Pope whose body was cremated and I believe it was done to hide the evidence of being poisoned.” — JusticiarRebel

7. It looked like a brothel madam committed suicide, but she was actually murdered

“There was a brothel madam not to far back the was caught and planning to come forward with a lot of politicians that were John’s. Just before she was found hanging she had sent a message to someone saying that if it appeared she committed suicide soon it was a setup.

Forgot the exact details but it was something like that. Was not that long ago either and was completely forgot about by the public.” — sweeptheleg55

8. The government is responsible for assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Martin Luther King Junior being assassinated by the government. The king family even believes this one, it’s up on their official website. I definitely believe he was killed by the government.

It’s completely plausible, the guy who was arrested was framed, and since he already had a criminal background, no one thought twice.” — Pyrokill

9. The wife of scientologist, David Miscavage, is probably no longer alive.

“If she isn’t dead, she’s imprisoned in that ‘fortress’ they have and not allowed contact with anyone. It’s a slim chance, but there is a chance that’s what happened.” — MadByMoonlight

10. Isaac Hayes was assassinated by the church of Scientology

“Isaac Hayes was assassinated by the church of Scientology because of his involvement with South Park. It was claimed that Hayes left the show because of his involvement with the church and was upset with Trey and Matt with the idea of making fun of Scientology, but after the episode was released, marking the first time that the origin myth of Scientology was told on prime time television, he was mostly likely deemed a suppressive person and then murdered in his home. The full details of his death were and are still incredibly hazy (excuse the morbid pun) and the coroner report was not at all conclusive.” — Brendonicous 

11. Aspirin was slowly poisoning Tsar Nicholas’ son

“Tsar Nicholas’ son (I don’t remember the sons name) was being given aspirin for his hemophilia. Rasputin knew this would only make his condition worse, but didn’t share this with the Tsar or his wife. In those days, Aspirin was the new miracle cure all drug. But it expands the capillaries and thins the blood. For someone dying because they’re hemophiliac, there’s nothing worse to give them. Whenever Rasputin was around, he didn’t let the son take Aspirin and he got better. The Tsars wife was convinced he was her son’s only hope and kept him around despite his, ah, outgoing personality.” — Jaymezians

12. Hitler made it to Argentina

“Hitler made it to Argentina. I believe this after watching numerous documentaries on this subject. Especially after they found the tunnels leading him directly to a get-away air field. And then they found his most precious possessions in a family home, hidden away, in Argentina. Argentina had pockets and towns full of people that supported Hitler. There were schools teaching Arian youth. The perfect place to escape to!” — mischief1989

13. There is a ‘storage’ place that is hiding something suspicious

“There is this massive building near where I live that stores grains. It is across town from a flour factory. I don’t know what company owns this massive storage place though, it definitely isn’t the flour company.

It was built in the 90s. And back then there wasn’t any housing development square around it until 2005 when my estate was built. Half the windows are broken and they are all boarded up. But it definitly is still in action because sometimes we head a sound from it that sounds like machines are running.

It has a shit tonne of satellites on top. Maybe about 20. And nearly every day you see someone on the roof in hi-vis tinkering with something. We live pretty close to a massive air field and army camps. And we live close to Porton Down where a top secret military/medicine facility is located that does who knows what. As well as the army HQ being built here.

I am 100% sure the building is more than just storage.” — Helpfulcloning

14. The CIA and FBI are pushing conspiracy theories that are secretly true

“A huge number of conspiracy theories are pushed by the CIA, FBI, other government agencies, especially the more insane ones (flat earth, time cube, etc) in order to discredit actual conspiracy theorists who have actual points.

It’s a deliberate misinformation campaign that exists for the sole purpose of turning normal people away from questioning the narrative of mainstream news agency’s.” — Sanctusary

15. FDR only passed the new deal because he had the power to execute anyone

“The Business Plot is the reason FDR was able to pass the new deal. He had some of the wealthiest and powerful men in the country dead to rights for literal treason and could have had them executed. He got his legislation passed instead. They have been slowly trying to dismantle it since then.” — moofrog

16. Psychedelics are not illegal for health reasons

“‘Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.’ – Terence McKenna” — Wellfuckme123

17. Many men made it to space, but didn’t survive

“Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, just the first man to live through it.” — a-Mei-zing-

18. There is a huge amount of sex slavery in the world

“Pedo gate. There’s 7 billion people in this world. And many rich people and many sick people. So I believe theres gotta be some amount of rich crazy people with sex dumgeons where they hold sex slaves and no one can do anything because they are too powerful. Human trafficking is real sex slavery is real. And there are people who hold other people captive in their basement.” — wolfereen

19. Madeleine McCann was not abducted

“Madeleine McCann was not abducted. There was so much subsequent heat that the abduction would not have lasted.” — random_username_94

20. Facebook monitors every little thing you do

Facebook and Google are monitoring everything you type, post, and say. There are so many stories of people talking about, say cats, and getting ads for cat food within an hour. They never searched for cats or cat food then or in the past, just said the word a few times. Reply All did a podcast episode debunking this theory, but all it boiled down to was an email from Facebook stating they didn’t do this.” — 4__20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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