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(Previously) Unpublished Love Poems

All poems were written at some point during my senior year of high school, 2017. Thanks to Tim and my other high school friends for the inspiration.

Long Love

Long love
Strong love
That mostly selfless kind of selfish wonderful love
“I want you all to myself” love
“I’ll stay with you forever and never let you go” love
The inside jokes
Secret nights
Wasting glorious time under bowling rink lights
The silly little presents
They come from the heart
Tears shed upon returning
You couldn’t stand her depart
Every day together makes the days apart harder
Are you gonna make it when she goes farther?
The only hug she’ll ever take
Her heart you refuse to ever break
Because you know she loves you, it’s that
Long love
Strong love
Write books about it in the future love
Faithful love
Grateful love
You’re only you when she’s around you love
Take care of that
Long love


Will I ever find my soulmate?
Will I ever find someone who loves me more than life itself- or even harder-
someone I love more than life itself?
It’s cycles
I meet you
I like you
I ask you
You say yes
You’re happy
I’m tormented
I end it
You’re unhappy
I’m still tormented
Nobody’s feelings get hurt but yours
The guilt of your feelings digging a hole in my heart and I’m wary of letting it happen again.
You aren’t my soulmate
You were my soulmate
I almost thought
The pain of my feelings digging a hole in my heart and I’m wary of letting it happen again.
Nobody’s feelings get hurt but mine
You’re morose
I’m crushed
You end it
You’re not
I’m happy
I say yes
You ask me
You like me
You meet me
It’s cycles
someone that loves me more than life itself?
Will I ever find someone I love more than life itself- or even harder-
Will I ever find my soulmate?

Love Travel

Many times I have described you
Or tried.
Much time have I spent with you
Creating our own wonderful memories
But I finally figured out how I can show you
How you make me feel
When you smile at me
That special way you do when you tickle me-
I’m in Amsterdam, at Tivoli Garden
Spinning around on a high-flying ride
Laughing happily into the cold wind in the dark sky
When you hold me while I cry
When I feel like I can’t explain to you how I’m feeling, how you fix it-
I’m in Nice, drowning in my own head
And you
You are the time I found a quiet cathedral, and I stepped into peace for just a moment
When we kiss and you kill yourself trying to make it perfect-
I’m in Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower
Breathlessly looking out over the whole city from the Tower’s top
When we’re cuddling on the couch, giggling-
I’m in Turks and Caicos, sitting on a beach chair
Looking out and watching the sunset move softly across the ocean
You take me everywhere
With your smile
Your face
Your love
It’s amazing
I travel the world without leaving the house
(Which is GREAT because that means I don’t have to pack!)
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About the author

Julia Orlofski

Nursing student at Quinnipiac University. In my free time, I like to write for the Odyssey and Society 19. Fantasy and poetry are my literary passions; and cats, ramen, pink, and anything peanut butter are my average-joe passions.