5 Ways To Feel More Alive Than Ever Before

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There are moments in life where you feel absolutely lost. Days went by and you feel like you are wasting your life but you are anxious to do something about it, to change the way you live so that you want to feel that life is meaningful but you are stuck in a situation where nothing can be done.

You will just be sitting on your couch in the night, thinking what you have done today and then you realized nothing particularly. You just SURVIVED.

Survival mode: it is a way of a person is focusing on how to get through the day in one piece. Nothing else. You just want to make sure you can pay your bills, finish your work that when it is due, fill your stomach with any food that you can afford and be responsible to the things and people that you are responsible to.

You tried to search for the purpose of life, you desperately needed to find a meaning to your existence but gave up. You could not find the answer.

How many of you here are on survival mode? What is the difference between a zombie and you then? Both want to survive. Just to survive. How do we get out of this mode and be ‘alive’?

1. Find your passion

What is your passion? Is it dancing? Singing? Investments and stocks? Anything. Always spare some time to do the things you love. If your passion is what you do for a living then congratulation. You are a very very lucky person. But if not, allocate a sufficient amount of time to do what you love and enjoy it, enjoy the moment. NEVER compromise no matter how busy you are. Always spare some time to do what you love because it makes you a happier and a more passionate person.

2. Vacation and traveling

Traveling is a lifestyle nowadays. People travel within or outside the country whenever they can and why is that? People realized that traveling is a way to open your eyes and widen you vision, open your mind and forget about the worries you are facing back at home. A vacation breaks you free from the mundane routine and exposes you to a new environment so that you have a fresh perspective towards life. However, the companion for the vacation is a very important key. If you go on a vacation with a person you desperately wanted to break free from for some time then you know what you are getting yourself into.

3. Meditate

Meditation calms you down. Just sit and relax your mind. It is very tough in the beginning but as you practice more, you will get the hang of it. Think nothing and be calm. Isolate yourself from the world around you. Some time, your mind is too full with all the junks,these junks somehow obscure our vision and narrow our mind. Let it go, breathe it out. When you meditate from time to time, you will realize that your brain works in an amazing way.

4. Be alone

Alone time. Try to spend some time with yourself. Just be with yourself and accompany yourself. Watch a movie alone, have a meal alone or even travel alone. When you are alone, you are not restricted by the people around you. You watch what you want, you order any food you like and you tend to meet new people because you are not occupied by anyone. You will feel fresh after that. You will see things a bit differently and start to discover what is your passion if you don’t already have one.

5. Be grateful

Sometimes you feel down and life is meaningless. You repeatedly doing the same thing every day and you just don’t know what is there for you to fight for and be passion about. You think you are going to die doing the same thing every day and your existence in this world means nothing. If that is the case, then be grateful. That is the first thing you should do every day when you wake up. Think about the things that you already have and how lucky you are to have these good things in life. Then, you work from there.

6. Talk to someone that knows you well

Talk to the person you trust the most about how you feel, your concerns and that you feel lost. This person might not be able to help but telling your problems out loud and maybe cry it out. After that dramatic cry and a big hug, you will feel better.

It is not unusual to feel lost from time to time. It is perfectly normal to switch to survival mode when you just feel that there is nothing for you fight for some times. But find that thing. Find that thing that makes you feel like you want to fight for and be passionate about. No one defines who you are. No one gets to tell you why God made you. Only you can do that for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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