For The Ones Who Chase A Love That Is Far Less Than They Deserve

Abigail Keenan

Often times, the love you want is not always pure. It’s not always kind. Often times, it can be troubling.

It can tear you in two without notice or regard for your feelings. Do you remember that time you sobbed in the corner of your living room with a glass of Merlot? Still, you chase it as if it’s the best thing life and love have to offer you. Why do you do it?

To the woman or man who chases the heartless and uncaring, who gives without receiving, who forgets her or himself so easily, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your actual worth, more like to see your actual worth.

Sometimes the love you want isn’t the love you need, and it is more right than not to accept the love you need over the love you (think you) desire.

You teach yourself to love what is good for you. It doesn’t always come easy, but nothing good ever does come easy. There is something to say about the acquired taste kind of love… It’s not like chocolate or ice cream. It’s not a quick fix. It doesn’t catch your eye right away or approach you straight on.

This kind of love takes some warming up. It’s not your quick sugar fix that tires of you as much as you fail to acknowledge you also tire of it. It might be easier to ignore the truth at first, but the consequences of your ignorance are weighing. You know it to be true as you keep on coming back for more. You keep on coming back for more despite the tears, calories, heart and belly aches.

This new love comes unrecognized to many who have accepted the sugary fix, you know – the unhealthy, ignorant, uncaring kind of love that you so desire. That tainted kind of unhealthy love that makes you fat and cry every other weekend with your close friends is not the kind of love you deserve – it’s time to finally say goodbye to that. Throw the sugar and artificial sweeteners in the garbage.

It’s time you get a hold of something fresh and whole, something good for you. That doesn’t mean salad city. This analogy would be getting a little carried away if that were the point to this. Yes, health is important. Overall health is important in a relationship, and your partner should encourage that. Nothing will be perfect, but it shouldn’t be so insane all of the time.

Overall, the love you accept should make you feel unquestionably good at the end of the day.

It should lift you up, and make you want to be better.

You should be complementing each other, not be so torn up and down.

You may be a sweet person, but that doesn’t mean you need to chase the ones who are bad for you – the sugary fixes. The sweet ones deserve to be counterbalanced by their opposite healthy half. You will learn to appreciate what is good for you over what is exciting, and start to see what’s so fun about enjoying yourself wholly, feeling accepted, and being nurtured.

Encompassing love is not a quick fix. It’s not a sugary substitute for your feelings.

What you deserve are many strolls through parks, drives through mountains, and words of sweet nothing. To the sweet ones chasing the sugary fixes, this summer, embrace whole newness. Welcome your healthy counterpart, and never forget what you deserve. We all need the reminder now and again. Don’t forget to tell yourself constantly. (I won’t tell if you put a post-it on your mirror.)

You deserve a healthy relationship, dear sweet one, and you deserve to love it and be loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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