Stay Single Until You Find Somebody Who Drives You Crazy (In A Good Way)

Love is a funny thing. We grow up day dreaming about everything we expect it to be. We start off strong with our expectations and standards but slowly as time goes by, we find ourselves starting to panic.

Maybe everyone around us is starting to settle down or maybe we feel that by the time we got to the age we are at now, we should be in a different position. It’s at this point in time we start to reconsider all of our must-haves and we start to drop certain standards.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with reevaluating your standards. In fact, I am a big fan of it. I think it’s a great idea to reassess your game plan once in a while. However, don’t let time intimidate you into losing sight of what is really important here; your happiness.

There is a difference between lowering your standards and broadening your search. Remember that.

I am not by any means saying you should not be in a relationship. I am telling you to wait for the one that deserves you. Take your time in getting to know them as a partner and best friend. If you jump into a relationship with the first person that shows interest, you could be putting yourself in a position to lose out on an opportunity with someone really great.

Stay single until you find that person who you can’t live without and who changes your life for the better. Stay single until you find somebody who drives you crazy.

I am not talking about the guy who drives you crazy by playing the game of never allowing you to feel secure in your relationship with him. I’m not talking about the guy who drives you crazy because he twists all your words around to make you feel insane. I am not talking about the guy who disappears for days and when he reappears it is like nothing ever happened. Any relationship with a lack of trust is destined for failure.

I am telling you to wait for the guy who tells you how adorable you are, even when you are mad. Wait for the guy who has no problem messing up your lipstick but would never ruin your mascara.

Wait for the guy who gives you butterflies just by looking at you. Wait for the guy who can call you out on your shit. We all need someone who can bring us back to earth when things get a little crazy. Wait for the guy who pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you grow.

Most importantly, wait for the person who feels like home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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