9 Signs Your Friend Is Not ‘Busy’ — They’re A Damn Flake



A busy friend doesn’t ever make plans.
A flake doesn’t ever keep plans.


A busy friend will repeatedly turn down your offers to hang out.
A flake will tell you to meet them somewhere and never show up.


A busy friend will say hello to you at the bar, but leave abruptly because they have to do laundry or attend to other business.
A flake will leave you at the bar alone to go off with people they “didn’t expect to run into”.


A busy friend is out there making moves, but always has legitimate excuses for their absence in your life.
A flake works a similar job or has the same schedule as you but still won’t make time to hang out.


A busy friend’s social media will be crowded with pictures of their children, travels, or work success.
A flake’s page will be covered in filtered photos of festivals with people that AREN’T you.


A busy friend will reach out on Facebook to catch up, knowing they won’t have the time to ever actually see you.
A flake will like all of your Instagram posts but ignore your texts on the regular.


A busy friend may move physically far away from you, but still has the courtesy to at least mention “happy birthday” every year.
A flake will live in your building and forget you exist.


A busy friend will tell you the truth about why they can never hang out.
A flake will always keep you guessing.


A busy friend is still a friend, and a person who deserves understanding that you can’t always be their first priority.
A flake is not a friend, because you’ve never been a priority. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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