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If They Don’t Make You Feel Like This, They’re Not The One

If you’re staying with them solely because you feel like you should, because you’ve been with them for five years and you don’t want the memories to go to waste, and their stuff is all over your apartment, and you’d have to delete 80 percent of your profile pictures, and their favorite jersey hangs so perfectly off your shoulder, then don’t stay.

I Don’t Know How To Write About You

All of my life I’ve been conservative. Old-fashioned. But with you, I didn’t feel like being conservative. With you, I felt like taking a cab back to your apartment and throwing all my values, and ethics, and beliefs, and hopes out the window.

When Does Love Happen?

Maybe there is no one moment we fall in love, or we just don’t feel it anyway, but we feel the moment that we realize we’ve been feeling the way we have because we’re in love.

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