I Don’t Care If You Think I’m Pretty

Shutterstock / Balazs Kovacs Images
Shutterstock / Balazs Kovacs Images

I don’t care if you think I’m pretty. I put on shorts and a halter only for the warm sun, not for you to stare at my exposed skin. I shave my legs so that they don’t tickle me in my sleep, not for you to feel how smooth they are. I check out my own body in a passing reflection to become more comfortable with it, not as an invitation for you to do the same. I put on makeup to show off my ability to define facial features, not to hide the blemishes I may have from you. I work out for the feelings of energy and accomplishment I gain afterwards, not for you to stare at my ass shake while on a treadmill. I eat salads to enjoy the feeling of caring for myself through food, not to be thin enough for your admiration.

I don’t care if you think I’m pretty. I’ll still put on a simple pair of jeans, a blank tee and a dirty hoodie to cover my cold arms. Being comfortable sounds so much more appealing than your synthetic attention. I’ll still eat like a complete pig when I’m starving. You watching me won’t stop me from fulfilling my appetite. I’ll still cuss like a sailor. All words are a form of expression that I do not deny myself of, even if it may sound unladylike to you. I’ll still tie my hair up in a knotted mess as I walk around in public. You may like my hair down better, but this won’t rid of the fact that it gets in my face far too often. I’ll still act like a complete “bitch” if you offend me. I may look small, adorable, soft, girly, or dainty to you- that doesn’t mean I won’t speak up and call you out on your bullshit.

I don’t care if you think I’m pretty. This won’t affect what I do, how I do and where I do anything. My blonde hair doesn’t stop me from achieving good grades. My neatly painted nails won’t get in the way of any physical labor my job entails. My bloated stomach won’t prevent me from exploring the beach while wearing a bikini. A bad hair day doesn’t compel me to wear a hat or to hide in my room until I shower.

I don’t care if you think I’m pretty. I have papers to write, a career to build, advice to give, people to help, a family to love, friends to meet up with and a life to enjoy. Looking presentable for you is the least of my worries.

I don’t care if you think I’m pretty, because I am so much more. I’m intelligent, kind-hearted, lovely, talented, funny and observant. I am a woman, with hopes, dreams, desires and goals that will not be restrained by the assessment any one makes about my looks. Just like every other woman in this world, my sole purpose is not to become a piece of artwork mantled on your living room wall. We may be pretty, but we are also so many other things. Giving us only one quality we can excel in, trying to limit us to only one talent is not going to work any longer.

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