55 Ways To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

I’ve been with my partner for four years. She and I have been in a long-distance relationship 2.5 years of them. This is how we survived it.

1. Create a private blog to share your thoughts with each other: writing does wonders.

2. Download an app that is made specifically for couples.

3. Send private selfies throughout the week.

4. Send intimate nude photos to each other – SPARINGLY.

5. When you visit, make sure the sex is REALLY-REALLY good.

6. Save up so you both can travel to a distant place for a vacation.

7. Talk on an instant messenger (e.g., gchat) during work hours.

8. Tell each other when you need your space.

9. Skype yourselves to sleep.

10. Work on a skill that can really impress them when you arrive (e.g., piano piece).

11. Pretend they’re always around so you can keep yourself looking fresh.

12. Keep a picture of them in your phone.

13. Talk about your partner with your friends so your partner is not a stranger when they visit.

14. DON’T talk about your partner toooooooo much with your friends because you can irritate your friends, which can make them irritated with your partner.

15. Snail mail them random gifts from time to time.

16. Have a monthly discussion to see the kinks you can work out in your long distance relationship.

17. NEVER end a conversation with disdain and contempt for each other – ESPECIALLY if it’s a weekend where they’re going to go out and party with their friends.

18. Work out a lot and stay healthy so they can crave you even more.

19. Be okay with period sex.


21. Don’t act too needy or you’ll be too overbearing for them.

22. Stay busy so you can be busy with them when you visit.

23. Stay social with your friends so you don’t transform into a boring person.

24. Interact and still flirt with random people so you can still be on your game.


26. Being in an open-relationship is usually NOT the best option for an LDR.

27. Learn to trust each other.

28. Act and do things that prove you’re trustworthy.

29. Be open if you’re uncomfortable with someone they hang out with.


31. Masturbate whenever you have that feeling.

32. Don’t self-pleasure yourself two days before you see them: let the passion run wild in your sexual zones – so that it can explode when you see them.

33. Understand weekends will be the toughest to handle out of the week: be prepared.

34. Visit them for their entire workweek.

35. Watch each other change from their birthday outfit to their workday outfit in the morning.

36. Do a weekly computer checkup for viruses on your computer: you only want you two looking at each other’s webcam.

37. Learn how to re-arrange your desktop so you can multi-task with various computer windows open.

38. If you have roommates, be considerate when you talk with your partner: be aware of the people affect outside your relationship.

39. Be aware that YOU DO have a life other than your partner.

40. Read a ton of sex books so you can have different moves when you visit.

41. Don’t write too many facebook statuses about each other… it can get overbearing.

42. Learn to be patient.

43. Take a ton of pictures when you’re together so you’ll be able to reflect on all the good times you have when you’re together.

44. Be constantly open with each other.

45. Be brutally honest if this is something you cannot do and why.

46. Make BIG relationship decisions IN PERSON.

47. Be very vigilant to do all you can to show that you love them and that you’ll do everything to keep the relationship alive and explosive.

48. Understand that love can be all about timing, but that you both are tenacious enough to control the clock.

49. Tell them you miss them.

50. Call them when you’re drunk because it’s really-really cute and endearing.

51. Have a trustworthy friend who will protect you if someone tries to pick you up – ESPECIALLY if you’re in an inebriated state.

52. Learn self-discipline.

53. Understand that sometimes you need to just DROP EVERYTHING so you can talk with your partner.

54. Always set up side funds, especially for those moments when you definitely need to visit your partner in times of distress.

55. Really communicate if this is something you can do because a long-distance relationship is not suitable for every couple. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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