17 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Totally Codependent And You Love It


1. Any time one of you makes plans, it’s just assumed that you’re going together.

2. They can tell what’s bothering you just by the way you walk inside. They might have even named your walks. You have the Relationship Blues Shuffle, the Family Sucks Stomp, and the My Boss Can Kiss My Ass Stampede.

3. When you’re not together, it actually feels like you’re missing a limb.

4. And you’re confidence disappears, when they’re not around because you always consult your friend before making major decisions! How are you supposed to operate without them? Is this dress really worth $49.99??? You send them a photo of the dress and breathe a sigh of relief.

5. You go everywhere together. Everywhere. The phrase “attached at the hip” isn’t actually that far off from the truth, to be honest.

6. You actually love hearing boring stories about each other’s days, because it’s like your own personal soap opera. You know the names and nervous tics of all their coworkers, and vice versa, so you legitimately want to know if Mike from Sales was pocketing all the coffee creamer again, that bastard.

7. It’s cliché, but you can finish each other’s sentences. It’s not even hard.

8. You trust their advice more than anyone else’s. Your financial advisor tells you that you’re burning through your savings and need to create a budget? You’ll think about it. Your BFF mentions that you’re spending more than you should on take out? You’re sitting down and tracking those expenses.

9. When one of you is having a bad week, the other knows to pick up your favorite junk food without ever having to ask.

10. You’ve fallen asleep in each other’s beds more times than you’ve fallen asleep alone in your own bed.

11. You need a dose of each other every morning just as much as you need your cup of coffee, otherwise the day is doomed from the start. Even a quick text or note on the fridge is enough to get you to start your day in a good mood.

12. If you don’t know where your car keys are, you can pretty much guarantee that they do. They know that you went into the kitchen when you got home and you have a habit of leaving them on top of the microwave.

13. And if they don’t know where your keys are, they’ll be right next to you scouring the apartment until they’re found.

14. You both have very strong opinions about whom the other person dates, because this new person is going to need to have a good bond with both of you for any relationship to last.

15. When you don’t know what to wear when you’re going out, you can bet that they’ve already compiled a few options in their head, because they know your entire wardrobe by heart.

16. They’re the first person you go to when you think you might need to go to the doctor. A surprising number of your conversations consist of, “Does this lump look larger to you?”

17. Life is ten times more exciting because you know that you’ll always have someone awesome to share everything with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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