10 Things To Do After A Break-Up

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1. Work out

Nothing screams revenge better than treating yourself better AND looking better than when you two were together. Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s all just about the physical. Your intention shouldn’t be to make your ex want you back, but to make your ex feel like he or she shouldn’t have even left you in the first place. Or if you did the breaking up, you’ll want to make your ex feel like he or she DEFINITELY needs to get back together with you. But BEWARE. When your ex hits you up after seeing how beautiful or handsome you already or still are, know that it was only because of how you looked. It may hurt to think this way, but deep inside you know it’s true.

But ultimate you should be working out not because it’ll make you look better but because it’s actually good for your health. When you feel good on the inside, it will shine through your face and you’ll be as bright and glorious as the morning sun. Looking good on the outside will just be the side effect and should never be the goal. Exercise because it actually makes you feel good!

2. Get together with friends

For all those times you decided to choose your ex over your friends, now’s the time to mend the deed. Spend time with them. Contact your best buds and have some sleep-overs. Do the things you used to do with your best friends before you were in a relationship.

3. Quit talking about your ex

One to three weeks after the incident is still an acceptable period of time to talk about the ex. But still, you shouldn’t make everything that comes out of your mouth be about your ex. Quit talking about whether he or she is better without you, how much happier he or she seems and how it feels like he or she is getting on with his or her life while you’re just plain stuck. I promise you, it will get annoying and friends will lose interest in talking to you. Remember that although talking about yourself makes you feel good, other people have needs to. Everyone wants to talk about themselves. Learn how to give way. Don’t make everything about YOU.

4. Laugh

Maybe for a few days you’ll look glum and sullen. Maybe you’ll go to school or work with bloodshot eyes, pale skin and unkempt clothes. But when you get up, make sure to dress up! Moving on could be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to endure, but you don’t have to look homeless on top of it. Laugh at yourself and pick yourself up. Make sure to spend time with the people who make you happy. Go with those who make you forget about all the bad things you’re experiencing. Having a good laugh has good effects for the body and, similar to point #1, feeling good means looking good.

5. Have a good time

With the impending memories and thoughts of the past at the back of your mind, you might find it hard to actually have fun. But worry not! Just spend time with the people who make you happy or do the things you love doing. Having a great time need not be expensive, classy or full of effort. Having a food party, going on a trip to the mall, visiting museums with your friends or doing a sing-a-long could actually help you forget about the loneliness for a while.

6. Be the better version of yourself

DO NOT drown yourself in alcohol, make out with anyone you don’t know, sleep on the streets, put yourself in danger, or go back to the vices you once relished. Doing these things will of no help to you. Plus, the only reason you’re probably doing this is to get your ex’s attention. Remember: it ended for a reason and your main concern at the moment is getting better. DO NOT get worse.

7. Do things on your own

Do what you want to do without being bounded to the thought that you’re not supposed to do it alone. Have faith that you on your own is just as good as it’s going to get. Spending time with someone else may be nice but that doesn’t mean the value of the moment is any less when you’re alone. Don’t be afraid of what other people are going to think. Embody independence and be happy while you’re at it.

8. Do not look for a rebound

One of the most bust-able break-up myths is looking for a rebound. This is definitely a no-no! You can never replace real love (if what you lost was even real at all). The one who got away will stay that way and getting involved with anyone you can’t imagine yourself with is a complete waste of time. Your young life shouldn’t be spent looking for a relationship every time you get out of one. It’s about time that you do it on your own.

Never use anyone just for the sake of not feeling lonely or alone. Know that sometimes, you’re going to have to know the feeling of being on your own. Being alone doesn’t mean that you don’t have friends or that no one likes to be with you. It’s just that sometimes, realizations come from no one else but yourself. What will dawn on you is boundless, priceless and definitely a lesson worth keeping. Whatever that  may be is up to you.

9. Get on with your life

You were fine before you were in a relationship and you’ll be fine without one too. Don’t wake up every day thinking of what should’ve been, or what could’ve been. Stop wasting your time crying in one corner or spending hours day-dreaming of all the possibilities. Quit thinking about how happy you two were. Quit avoiding going to all your favorite places just because you have memories there. Be strong. Do what you love. Bask yourself in happiness or work. Excel in your field and work hard to be more than who you were yesterday.

10. Be strong enough to get through each day without breaking down

Crying occasionally is fine — there’s nothing wrong and weak about that. But being sensitive over the little things that constantly remind you of your ex will give people the impression that you’re too emotionally scarred to be around. Nobody considers crying over the big things to be weak, but not being able to pick yourself up after you fall down can be seen as weak. And as they say, fall down seven times, stand up eight! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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