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He’s Never Going To Be The Chuck To Your Blair

We need to stop romanticizing Hollywood.

We need to stop comparing our lives to the fictional characters we see on screen.

This isn’t New York City. You’re not a part of Manhattan’s elite. You don’t hang out with Serena van der Woodsen. And that guy you’re obsessed with? He’s certainly not Chuck Bass.

When he ghosts you, it’s not because he’s struggling with existential angst.

When he sees other people, it’s not because he had a rough childhood.

When he doesn’t show up, it’s not because he’s too scared to make a commitment.

And when he struggles to say he loves you, it’s because he doesn’t.

You see, Chuck Bass doesn’t exist in real life.

In real life, the man that struggles to convey his feelings, who parties too much, who can’t help but hurt the people he loves? In real life, that guy’s a dick.

And while he may have Daddy issues or deep-seated identity problems, chances are he’s not going to fix them on your behalf. He’s not a fine wine – he’s not getting better with age.

Sweet one, you need to let it go. You need to give up the notion that bad boys are the ones worth waiting for. That love needs to be dangerous and intoxicating and unpredictable to be exciting. It doesn’t. And this guy you’re waiting on? He’s holding you back.

Stop waiting for him to get it together. Stop waiting for your love to save him. Stop forcing him into a mold that he doesn’t want to be in.

And don’t do it for him, do it for yourself.

You deserve a man who will wait for hours on top of the Empire State Building. You deserve someone who has those three words eight letters dripping off his tongue. You deserve someone who shows up. And more importantly, you deserve someone who stays.

You will find this person.

You will find this person and you will love them and they will love you back. And it won’t be filled with games and intrigue and the nonstop question of “will they/won’t they?”.

It will be simple. It will be straightforward. It will be better.

You deserve a love that feels like the easiest thing in the world. You deserve a man who looks at Chuck Bass and says, I can do better. When it’s your own heart at stake, you won’t want the drama of will they/won’t they. You’ll just want the will.

And you will.

You will meet this person. And you will love them more than you thought was possible. And they will love you in such an everyday, simple manner that it is reliable and unremarkable and basically the complete opposite of everything you see on television.

The great love of your life? He will never be the Chuck to your Blair.

He will be so much better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jillian wants to live in a world where the coffee is bottomless and the sweatpants are mandatory.

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