5 Body Language Cues That Make Him Instantaneously Fall For You

5 Body Language Cues That Make Him Instantaneously Fall For You

It’s all in the way you move.

Everyone wants to know what are the best pick-up lines…eye roll. You can leave those for another time unless you plan on being single for the rest of your life.

Because it’s not about what you say, it’s all about the language your body speaks that catches his heart.

Statistically, what you say only accounts for 7% of communication, meaning the other 93% is in your body language. A number you can’t mess with if he is going to fall for you.

Hence, the saying love at first sight.

And believe it or not, he is subconsciously falling for you before he is even aware of it. This is because the process is so innate to his manhood, he is not even aware he’s doing it.

With men being visual creatures, they seek stimulation based on what meets the eye – even though they eventually choose a woman based on their relationship values.

So, how do you become the bullseye on his radar?

Here Are 5 Body Language Cues That He Can’t Resist:

1. Capture His Vision

From eye candy to eye contact men are the simplest creatures in letting them know you are into them. You’ll want to master flirting with your eyes because is the number one cue in getting him to approach you.

Men often shy away from approaching women if they don’t feel the connection will be a safe choice.

Your eye contact will give him the green light to proceed forward.

So how do you do this? You’ll want to glance his way and then look away immediately. Do this a couple of times until you know you have caught his attention. Hold the glance for a few seconds so he knows you are interested in him.

Or, if you want to be really forward, walk by him and look him in the eye but keep walking. Then, a few seconds later look back over your shoulder and try to make eye contact again with him.

2. Make Him Smile

Got resting b*tch face? Don’t worry me too, but that won’t make a man fall for you.

Men are more drawn to women online and offline who are able to hold a smile. This is because they want a woman who they can have fun with and has a friendly personality.

Basically, he wants a ray of sunshine.

Men tend to avoid ice queens because they are often too intimidating and the fear of rejection is too much to bear if you say no.

Your smile gives him the welcoming gesture you are looking to get to know him, melting his soul to its core.

Showing your pearly whites is the key to winning long, romantic nights with him.

3. Show Him Fiercely Femme Energy

Men can’t resist a woman with feminine energy.

You may think this sounds basic, but men want what they do not possess themselves. And it’s a woman who owns who the f*ck she is by conveying her alluring energy.

A high-value man wants a woman of value to compliment his lifestyle.

Women of value have a different aura about their presence. They confidently and naturally flow with a gracefulness which draws men into them.

And, perhaps you aren’t keen on what feminine energy is? Fiercely femme energy is a woman who dresses ladylike and has classy manners. She is fully in alignment with who she is and displays a natural inner beauty about her.

When she’s with him, she focuses on being present in the moment and isn’t worrying about if he likes her or not.

You are essentially a goddess.

And the last thing you want to do is chase a man for admiration because then you are competing with his masculine energy.

You know you are irresistible all on your own with or without him.

4. Walk Right Into Him

Do you walk to the beat of your own drum? If you don’t, then you’ll want to master your gait with elegance and grace.

Ask yourself this, “When I enter a room to people stop and stare?” Or “Do I go unnoticed?” If you answered yes to the latter, then it’s time to up your stride.

Having a polished poise and rhythmic walk may not come naturally to you. But that is okay. You can learn it very quickly as no woman has this skill right out of the womb.

Practice activities like walking in heels towards a mirror, embarking on femme exercises such as yoga or pilates, or heck even try out a ballet class. This will help you embody your womanly physique to captivate a man’s attention and become strikingly noticeable the minute you enter a room.

Adding little finesse to your step can go a long way.

5. Twirl Your Hair Over Him

Playing with your hair can sound…hmm…so middle school, but this body language cue turns a man on like no other. Men love luscious long locks so if you got em, flaunt them.

This kinda takes us back to number three on the list as to why men prefer long hair. It’s a sign of femininity that pulls him in like glue.

The longer your hair the more likely he is to find you sexually attractive and healthy. This ignites his masculine instincts to want to date you.

Next time you are out, let your hair down and give it a twirl right into his arms.

Your cue to his heart from the start is in the way you move (plus killer confidence never hurt anyone).

And, if you’re a bit nervous to try out these cues, then we have the perfect solution to building your confidence from the inside out.

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