7 Signs You’ve Found A True Forever Friend

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1. They start to be your ultimate meddler. And at some point, it gets pretty annoying. They start to meddle in your life – unsolicited advices 24/7. You just wanted someone to listen to you but they go beyond that, and they won’t even pull back. Worst part? They always turn out to be right. And most times, you have to admit, you kinda hate it. You kinda hate the fact that they’re always right because they know you well enough to know what exactly to say, and they don’t care if it’s what you want to hear. And as much as you want to reject their two-cents (or even a freaking thousand), you always end up listening because at the end of the day, they make a whole lot of sense.

2. Sugar-coating is not in their vocabulary anymore. From their pretty mild criticism about your hair to the harshest remark against your guts. They’re not afraid to tell you if you’re fucking things up, and you will hear all these no-holds-barred. They don’t care if you get offended because you all know that after a couple heated arguments, you’d end up talking and laughing about these dumb things you were just fighting about. You start to have this code of apology only you would understand, and things will just get back to normal.

3. Nothing makes you uncomfortable anymore. Censorship is stupid. Why not blurt it out straight-up? You have forgotten about all the Euphemisms you’ve learned from your English class, because you no longer need it when you’re around them. You can casually tell them how you didn’t shower that day because you were running late for work, or that you’re in the bathroom pooping, or when there’s a weird lump in the weirdest part of your body that has been bugging you for days. You even enjoy exchanging snaps of things you will never dare show your other friends, not to mention the thread you have online that no one can dare read because they just won’t get it.

4. They have the weirdest ways of telling you they love you. It even gets to be so hard to decode that people around you might think you’re not friends at all. You tell them their faking it but they take it as you’re grateful to have them. They tell you you’re an idiot and you take it as you’re being awesome. It won’t make sense to them, but it definitely does to you.

Because they definitely are one. They already know you’re not okay even without telling them; heck, even when you’re far. You just get a random “what happened this time?” it sometimes scares the shit out of you. They just know you’re not okay with the way you tell them you are. It’s inexplicable. It’s like a superpower you both have developed as you go along with your friendship.

6. Your battles are their battles. You don’t even have to call for a back-up. They’re just there, waiting for you to spill it – sometimes they don’t even wait anymore because they already know who and what to deal with. They tell you how to answer that douche who dumped you for absolutely nothing, or even go beyond that and be the one to do the talking. They confront that asshole who said something rude about you as if they were the prime victim. You got each other’s back and you don’t have to declare it. With them, all you have to do is sit back for a moment because later on, you’ll definitely have a good laugh about it.

7. And ultimately, they won’t give up on you, despite all the disappointment you’ve caused them from the same, bad choices you’re continuously making. No matter how stupid your guts have become, or even when they have all the reasons to just ditch you because you’ve been causing enough hassle, they won’t. They’ll be there, 24/7, and they won’t go anywhere. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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