12 Micro Signs You’re Dating A Guy Who’s Worth Holding Onto

@fbahia / Twenty20.com
@fbahia / Twenty20.com

1. You keep talking about him to your friends.

You have the best friends in the world, which means they love you and have your back at all times. Over the years, they’ve saved you from many a jerk. They’ve picked you up, cleaned you off, and kept you moving forward. And not only are you unafraid of talking to them about this new guy, you can’t shut the hell up about him!

2. You keep talking about him to your family.

The only people on Earth who’ve had your back longer than your friends are your family. Dad, especially, is ultra-protective of his Little Princess and has sent many a bad boy running. Knowing all this, you blab about him without hesitation because you know they’ll be as charmed by him as you are.

3. All your friends and family members love love LOVE him.

Maybe the main reason is because he remembers all their names and tries to make them as happy as he makes you. To the last person, all your loved ones tell you that you’d be insane not hold onto him forever.

4. He remembers what you like and don’t like.

The reason he sent you a surprise basket of butterscotch candies was because you once confessed to him that it was your favorite flavor. And when he orders surprise takeout, he never orders the beef curry because you told him you don’t eat red meat. It’s chicken curry all the way—extra-spicy, just the way you told him that you like it. He never mocks or questions your tastes—he only caters to them, and that’s a keeper right there!

5. He texts and calls you just enough—but not too much.

He’s always the last to text you at night and the first to text you in the morning. But even if you sleep with your head only six inches away from your phone, he never wakes you up in the middle of the night with 200 desperate drunk texts.

6. He’s confident but not arrogant.

There’s no bigger turnoff than a whiny man-child who makes you feel like you’re mothering him. He takes care of business, does not suffer from low self-esteem, gets the job done under budget and ahead of schedule, and he pays all his own bills. But even though he’s the handsomest and sexiest male specimen you’ve ever seen, he’s genuinely flattered when you tell him so.

7. He not only pursues his own dreams, he helps you realize yours.

He has a five-year plan for improving his life and his finances. He’s doing far better than he was five years ago, and you don’t have a single doubt that he’ll reach every dream he sets his mind on achieving. But he is also highly emotionally involved in helping you realize your own dreams. Even when you are depressed or despondent and ready to give up, he offers advice, encouragement, and hugs so strong, you have to catch your breath. In short, he is not intimidated by your success, because he only wants the best for you.

8. He handles you at your worst…

…and that’s why, like Marilyn Monroe said, he gets to see you at your best!

9. You don’t feel as if you have to hide anything from him.

The most important thing about relationships is the ability to “be yourself” around your significant other. When I said he’s seen you at your worst, that not only means your mood swings—it means what you look like with no makeup in the morning. You’ve told him secrets you’ve been afraid to tell your closest friends, and you never felt judged, only accepted and understood. The reason you feel loved by him is because he’s seen you from every angle and still gives you a standing ovation every time.

10. When planning activities, he asks for your input.

A lot of men suffer from inferiority complexes, which is why they always need to be “in charge.” But unlike all those jerks, he doesn’t make everything about him all the time. If you just want to stay home with him on a Friday night and play Scrabble, he’ll forsake seeing his favorite band because you’re his favorite person.

11. He’s not threatened by your exes.

Because he cherishes and admires you, he knows there’s a very good reason they’re your exes.

12. You feel like you’ve known him much longer than you have.

Even the first time you started talking with him, it felt like you were reconnecting with an old friend. There’s a term for a guy like that—it’s called a “soul mate.” Listen, your friends and family are right—you’d be insane to let go of this guy. He is “the one,” and in your lifetime you only get one of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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