If They Do These 5 Things, They Are Most Definitely Your Forever Person

Toa Heftiba
Toa Heftiba

1. Someone who promises you nothing but gives you everything.

Someone who recognizes the power of words but knows that actions speak louder;
Someone who does more than talk the talk;
Someone who will do more than utter beautifully crafted words and actually make something out of them;
Someone who will be there for you not because they feel compelled to, but because they want to.
Someone who will give you what you deserve and more.

2. Someone who loves you when you’re right and tells you when you’re wrong.

Someone who loves you for all of your opinions and fascinating dreams;
Someone who will be on your side even when you’re outnumbered and the chances of defeat are high;
Someone who will not merely comfort you when things don’t go your way but who will stay up with you into the early hours of morning to help you figure out why;
Someone who will encourage and correct you to help you be even better;
Someone who will match your stubbornness and tell you when you’re out of line.

3. Someone who proves to be nothing like you dreamed of but everything you’ve always needed.

Someone who exceeds all expectation and misconceptions of what you believed was love;
Someone who surprises you constantly with the littlest things, the littlest gestures;
Someone who you know so well and yet always has you discovering more, craving more;
Someone who will do more than fall in love with you, who will grow in love with you;
Someone who will go from being nothing to your everything.

4. Someone who has their own dreams but makes time to nurture yours.

Someone who sees a future and a desire to live life to the full;
Someone who is passionate about something and is not afraid to let the world know it;
Someone whose eyes light up when they talk about what’s in store;
Someone who encourages your passion as well as theirs;
Someone who will intertwine their dreams with yours to craft a brilliantly dazzling future for the both of you.

5. Someone who makes you feel alive but as if you’ve already discovered heaven.

Someone who makes you laugh your loudest, smile your brightest, be your absolute best;
Someone who you has you wanting to experience more, addicted to wanting to be a part of everything that this life has to offer.
Someone who instigates a desire to discover the beauty hidden in every corner of the world;
Someone who you want to come home to every autumn, winter, spring and summer night;
Someone who has you convinced that you and your love are out of this world.

And when you find yourself that someone. Hold on. And don’t you ever dare let go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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