You Deserve A Godly Man

Cristina Gottardi

You deserve to love and be loved.

You have the right to choose whom you’ll fall in love with and give your all. The one you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with.

But please remember that you also deserve to be loved and to receive someone’s all, not just a portion of him.

You don’t have to stay in a relationship where the love you give is not reciprocated. You don’t deserve the agony of every night wondering, “Am I not enough?” The pain of letting go and moving on is better than the pain of being taken for granted. So let go…

Someone out there is ready to give you his all and will love you unconditionally. He’ll love you even if it’s not convenient.

Someone who will treat you as a priority and not just another one of his options.

You deserve someone who treats you like you’re the best thing in the world; who sees your flaws, but accepts you anyway.

You deserve to be pursued.

It is not that you’re being a “hard-to-get-girl”. It’s just that, you deserve someone who sees your real value. He pursues you because he believes you’re worth it — worth his time, effort and love. He knows that he’s pursuing the daughter of the Most High God, who deserves nothing but his best.

You don’t have to do anything to make him notice you. For in the moment that you captivate his heart, any other woman becomes a blur to him.

He’s not after your body, but he’s about winning your heart. He sees you more than just a pretty face–a woman with a beautiful soul. He won’t get tired of pursuing you even if you’re already his. He won’t make you feel that you’re difficult to love.

He pursues you, for you are the woman he’s been praying and searching for–-his missing rib.

You deserve to be understood.

Women are usually labeled as “complex”. We tend to say the opposite of what we really mean; we tend to exaggerate; we are emotional, as tears come easy when watching movies; we easily get hurt when we feel unappreciated; we laugh our lungs out when we’re with friends; we are, most of the times, paranoid and insecure; and mostly, we tend to pretend in front of other people. We’re so good at pretending, people don’t even realize it’s not real.

But the right man will find all these, as something that makes you special. He’ll maybe have a hard time figuring things out, but he’ll be patient enough to do it. He’ll help you overcome your insecurities by letting you see your worth. He’ll secure you enough to remove that facade of pretense, allowing you to be your true self.

Instead of being annoyed when you’re being emotional, he’ll try his best to understand how fragile your feelings are. And because of that, he’ll be cautious with his actions towards you, and with the words coming out of his mouth.

He’ll understand that your heart was once broken, so he’ll do anything so your trust issues disappear.

Understanding you would be joyous and fruitful for him, for it is a precious moment where he can make you feel undoubtedly loved.

And lastly…

You deserve a godly man.

A man who’s not faithful to God will most likely be unfaithful to you. But a man who’s faithful to God will be faithful to you. For he knows that if he breaks your heart, he’d be breaking God’s heart too.

A man who will bring you closer to God rather than to himself. For he knows that he alone can’t make your relationship work. But with God at the center of it, your relationship becomes unbreakable. He knows that sometimes the two of you will face adversities, but is mindful that you need to encourage one another, and to depend more on the Lord.

A man who’ll pray with you as you help each other to always be better people. He’s a man with a vision for the both of you. He leads you nowhere but only towards God’s will.
The man who is after God’s own heart will surely love you the way Christ loves you.
This man is surely worth the wait.

So stay steadfast beautiful woman. Let go of the ‘good enough’ now as you wait for God’s best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m just a simple girl trying to be brave in this fearsome world through and for Christ alone.

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