Don’t Lose Hope – You WILL Overcome The Storms Of This Life

Christian Gertenbach
Christian Gertenbach

Life storms. We all go through life having to live through them, others less and some a little more. And no matter how much we try to protect our hearts and shield ourselves, the heartbreaks, broken promises and setbacks will come. They’ll bring us down, leave us with much self-doubt, disappointment, bare and what they call at “rock bottom.”

It’s cold and eerie down at rock bottom; darkness overcomes light. It’s where the negative thoughts overwhelm and the pain thrives. It’s like a maze down there, a labyrinth where we try to seek answers and find reasons for our uncertainties, the happenings in life.

And at the very least of our search, we just pray for a closure to the pain we so deserve.

What hurts the most is not understanding anything, but feeling like everything is against us. Everyone deserves to know the truth, have their questions answered, given that closure that’ll ease the burden and help bring the chapter to a close.

However, no matter how far we walk in search of those answers, we’ll always come to dead ends.

Life somehow doesn’t seem to favour us and want to give us the easy way out. It likes to leave us scared, lost and hopeless. It’s like as if it enjoys watching us have misery as company, broken.

That already tiny glimmer of hope continues to fade even more and the haunting atmosphere somehow becomes worst. Confusion, distress and agony all around waiting for the right moment to consume us.

But only if we let it.

Because in midst of all this chaos, we fail to realize that maybe trying to run from the pain isn’t the answer and that sometimes things happen for reasons we’ll never understand.

That maybe these battles are meant to show us how strong we actually are and that there are hidden blessings all around, even in the storms if we just look hard enough.

And maybe, just maybe some higher power is actually looking out for us, protecting us from things we can’t yet conceive, things that might set us further down the wrong path.

You see, the only way to overcome these storms is to rise above them. To gather the courage and will to stand up, to face our fears. To turn our collar up against the cold and lean into the wind.

There is no running away from them, we just have to accept our situation with the belief that better days are ahead of us.

Life may not always be the party we hope it would be, but it is beautiful nonetheless. And it can turn out like how we’ve always imagined it to be in our dreams, we’ve just got to keep the faith and continue moving forward.

It may be hard, I know it’s hard. No, it’s not just hard, it’s extremely hard and giving up seems like the only way. I know, I’ve been there.

But think of life as a white piece of paper that’s divided into individual portions for each chapter of our lives, that these portions are just waiting for us to colour them with our adventures, our journeys and our experiences, both the good and the bad.

The different colours represent the various happenings, our feelings and the emotions we experience.

Though they may not be always pretty, but like an art piece, it can’t be painted with just one colour. Just like the rainbow that comes after the storm, the several colours that form it is what makes it alluring.

So go out and live your life, dance through the storms, embrace whatever happens and lies ahead. Follow the winds of change, don’t resist them. Let them guide you to where you’re meant to be. And even if it may not be where you want to be, trust them.

View your surroundings and the happenings from different perspectives, accept and make the most of them. Do it with such passion that the people around you can feel your positivity, your love for life.

Keep that perpetual glow in your eyes and that bright smile on your face. And someday, near the end of the road when you stop to reflect on how far you’ve come in this life, you’ll be able to stand back and admire this beautiful piece of art that your journeys have coloured each step of the way, knowing you indeed had an amazing life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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