Forget About Downsizing Your Dreams: Why 2021 Is Still A Year to Dream Big

2020 was the kind of year that could soul-crush even the toughest among us; no one went unscathed. For me, planning my wedding would have to wait—so would buying a house, and seeing my family. We all have stories. And though these intensely turbulent times have been fraught with disappointment and uncertainty, it doesn’t mean abandoning your dreams by the dumpster (even if they do have to be delayed). Clinging to hope and visualizing what you most want, even during what feels like the legit worst time in your life, can help get you through— that pot of gold could be right around the corner. Just think: you could buy a Scratch-off lottery ticket and win up to $3 million tomorrow. (Someone’s going home with the jackpot; why can’t that person be you?)

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For me, dreaming big is part of my DNA. I’ve never let the ambient noise drown out what I desired most, even against all obstacles. When I was in college, my goal was to move to New York and make it big in magazines. But I had zero industry contacts, and my dad’s voice was a constant echo in my ear saying I should go to law school. I didn’t listen (Sorry, Dad!). I held tight to my dream like a stage 5 clinger, moved to NYC, and, over time, made my way up the painstakingly high magazine ladder—despite the skimpy starting salary and a whole lot of naysaying. And while my writing career was flourishing, my love life was another story. After going on so.many.dates (the sum total of which could fill a football stadium) and experiencing enough ghosting for me to fear finding love altogether, I continued to pick myself up and connect. Why? Because I never stopped believing that I would find my person. And though I may be the last (by many years) of all my friends to get married, and I’ve collected more-than-a-few battle scars along the way, my wedding date is set. 

Trust, I do not have all the answers. The point is to remind you to never lose sight of what you really want in life (even if the future seems murky) because the mere act of believing in the dream can change your reality. If you need a nudge, here are some ways to get right back to dreaming big.

Take a Chance 

If I had given in to the chorus of doubts that set the soundtrack of my life—“NYC is too expensive to live”; “you’ll never make any money as a writer”; “you’ll miss out on work opportunities if you take that trip”—my life would be so small. But the big leaps of faith I’ve taken along the way have majorly enhanced the journey. You can start with a not-so-risky step—say, by playing the lottery. Make it a big one. Just one $30 Scratch-off for the Fastest Road to $3 Million from Kentucky Lottery gives you the opportunity to win the largest instant prize of any Kentucky Lottery ticket (and hey, even if you don’t win $3 million, it’s fun to play, and there are loads of other prizes). Just imagine the things you could do with all that dough. No really, go ahead and imagine them. Would you buy a commune for you and all your people? Charter a yacht with no return date? Start a charity for a cause you’re passionate about? Are there steps you could take to do any of those things now? Taking risks opens up a world of possibilities.

Manifest What You Want Most

Like that mantra, “If you build it, they will come”, manifesting puts your dreams into motion. I learned from a very wise woman that visualizing my greatest desire (literally imagining a clear picture of myself living out my goal) on the regular helps it become a reality. So, to use the Kentucky Lottery ticket as an example, say you manifest winning. Envision yourself getting the check, going to the bank to deposit it, and walking through the doors of the dream house you’ve always wanted. Manifesting helps generate positive vibes that can shift your energy so that you live your best life. 

Stop Doubting Yourself

Self-doubt can be a big-time blocker to your big dreams. Your inner critic can be harsher than an Olympic-level judge and end up (self) sabotaging your success. Instead of listening to them, or getting into a heated back and forth in your head, start doing something–anything–that moves you forward. Even a baby step will bring you closer to your goal. If you imagine buying a house, for example, maybe you email 20 people on your contact list—even those you haven’t talked to in years (no one’s judging)—for new work opportunities that keep your money rolling. Then channel your inner champion—you know, the one who, when you were little, had all these grand plans for your future self. Leave a note on your mirror of how much you really rock. It’s exactly the kind of reminder you need right now.    

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