This Is How To Make Your Significant Other's Valentine's Day Based On Their Love Language

This Is How To Make Your Significant Other’s Valentine’s Day Based On Their Love Language

Words Of Affirmation

This love is easier said than done….literally. This love language is much more than sweet nothings whispered in your partner’s ear. Talk can be cheap; your words need to mean something. They need to be powerful and most importantly your partner needs to believe it. These words must be genuine and not fake. This Valentine’s Day, show your partner you care by writing a meaningful letter or poem to them. Tell your partner what they mean to you.

Tell your partner how incredible they are in every single aspect physically, mentally, etc. Do not stop at just complimenting your relationship with them. Compliment who they really are as a person.

Let them know how proud you are of them. Make sure to spend extra time complimenting their insecurities. For example, if they are trying to get into law school, write a book, or audition for a role, let them know they are more than capable of this. Make them feel like life is unbearable without them. They are not just someone you are with—they are everything to you.

If you are a musician or somewhat musically talented at all, you could step up the creativity and write a song about them. This will make them feel extra special and wanted. If you are an artist you could paint something and write a special note on the back. Find your niche and make it creative, but most importantly make sure it is still about them. I suggest doing this over a quiet romantic dinner at home so your partner can really feel close to you when they read your personal note. These words are between you two and you do not want to share them in a crowded restaurant.

Acts Of Service

This Valentine’s Day surprise your partner by becoming Superman. If you live together clean the whole house or hire a cleaning service for the day. Have dinner made or take out from their favorite restaurant. The laundry is done, the grocery shopping is done, any other tasks you can think of that you could have helped them with was done yesterday.

This love language is defined by “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” This love is built in reality, not in fantasy. This love is less romantic and more practical.

They do not want to feel alone in this relationship. They do not want to carry all the weight. They want to feel that no matter what you will be there for them without having to ask you to be.

Receiving Gifts

This person is a tad more on the “princess” side of the spectrum. It is Valentine’s day so all the stops must be made. Flowers, chocolate, teddy bears, you name it. But that is basically just the stocking stuffer. Gifts are very important to this person. This does not necessarily mean this person is materialistic. This person is just thoughtful and enjoys having their love represented in a form of a present. This gift does not need to be the most expensive but it needs to mean something to them.

Go in deep with giving your partner something they have always wanted or something truly rare and one of a kind. Perhaps an antique or vintage item nobody else could get. Maybe their favorite book, record, or even something that just represents an inside joke between the two of you. If they’re worth it they will not look at the price tag. They will look at the thought.

This love language is not based on money it is based on effort. While this love language may seem selfish, it is more about the fact that you are thinking about them and that is why you got them a little something. They just want to know you are on their mind and in their heart. This love language is very romantic and they love being swept off their feet. They love surprises and grand gestures.

This is definitely the most high maintenance Valentine out of the group. You may even want to surprise them with a getaway trip or a romantic horseback carriage ride. Something out of the ordinary to impress them since this is not just any other day to them. If you are really into grand gestures I would suggest even pushing it a little further. Pretend to forget all about Valentine’s day and then surprise them with something amazing like a trip. This is risky so take this advice with caution.

Quality Time

This love language is all about full undivided attention. You want to make your partner feel like they are always the only person in the room. Try to not look at your phone, put work on hold for the evening, this day is all about them. Whether it be an intimate dinner at home with roses, candles, and all the cheesy Valentine’s day works. Or maybe a quiet cottage trip where you can reconnect, talk about your feelings, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

It isn’t quantity it is quality that prevails with this person. They do not get off with small talk. Expensive jewelry will not say “I love you” to them. Eat their favorite meal, watch their favorite movie, cuddle and talk until the wee hours of the morning. Make them feel like they are with their best friend who loves them for exactly who they are.

Engage in a common interest together, perhaps skating or some kind of winter festival that is going on. Make this day not just a Hallmark holiday to them. Make this a memory that counts.

You could even bring your partner to the place where you first met or somewhere else that has some meaning to your relationship. A little nostalgia can go a long way.

Physical Touch

This is clearly the most sensual love language. This person literally wants to feel your love all the time. I suggest an intimate couples spa day, get massages together, get pampered facials, have fun in the hot tub. Unwind and feel completely relaxed within one another.

Perhaps if you are feeling a little wilder create one of your partner’s sexual fantasies. It could be some role-play or hooking up in a public restroom. Whatever strokes your partner’s fancy. It’s Valentine’s day get festive and creative.

This love language likes to feel wanted by you. This is cliché but maybe some lingerie, roses, and wine is all you need for the night. Make your partner feel like you are so wildly into them. Carry them into the room and let the games begin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark