This Is The Pretty Little Liars Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Ali

Competitive, strong, no one else can come back from the dead like an Aries. Aries are known for adventure and to bend the truth when need be. “You are always better off with a really good lie”. Aries are very passionate, but also aggressive. They have the ability to become very manipulative, in order to “win”.

They are motivators and can bring out the best in the people… when they want to. Aries likes to be in charge and the leader of the group. Aries has a sort of “je ne sais quoi” magic to them. You can never really put your finger on it, but they leave a strong impression that lasts.

Taurus: Caleb

Taurus is an earth sign like Capricorn and Virgo they are known to stay grounded, motivated, and hard working. Caleb, Spencer, and Mona are the hardest working in the pack. Taurus are known for the devotion and loyalty. No one is more devoted to their partner than Caleb. Taurus enjoys being needed and being the “protector”. He can not sleep, if the one he loves is not safe. His devotion can borderline obsession, but it’s fine because we are all obsessed with Caleb.

The sign of the bull, they can be uncompromising and simply just stubborn. You can’t blame Caleb for not trusting Mona though….. Taurus’s always want the best for you, even when they are disagreeing with you. They care more about your well being than hurting your feelings. Taurus will always tell you that cold hearted truth they do this, because they love you.

Gemini: Charles or CeCe Drake

Gemini the sign of the twin. Gemini’s are known for having split personalities. No one else can live a better double life than CeCe or should I say Charles? Gemini’s are fun loving and charming. Gemini’s have a social supremacy, they are instantly loved almost everywhere they go. They know how to work the room and spin the story in their direction. Gemini’s are known to be very curious. No one could be more curious than Charles…. Gemini’s like to live in their own fantasy world…or doll house. They despise being confined unless they are the ones confining others…

Cancer: Emily

Cancer is one the most emotional signs of the zodiac. Cancer is always looking for the best in people… even Ali. They are blindly optimistic and we love them for it. Cancers embody home, they greatly value family and loved ones. Unfortunately with Emily’s father passing, she has little family left. Emily is incredibly close to her mother, she also considers the girls more like sisters than friends. They have been through everything and back together, they are her chosen family. Emily is dependable and the one you can always count on. Do not take her kindness gently she may be soft, but she is intensely strong. Cancers are highly devoted, but once their trust is gone it can be hard to gain back.

Leo: Ashely Marin

Leo’s enjoy the finer things in life like wine and designer heels. They are known to be a little ritzy and eat their pizza with a “fork and knife”. Leo’s are known for being very sociable and well-liked. Hannah’s mom was definitely the “cool mom” of Rosewood. Despite her beauty and charming behaviour, there is a beast that lies within. Ashely may have a cool demeanour, but do not be fooled. If you mess with Hannah, you mess with Ashely… A lion will always defend their cub. Leo’s are known for their loyalty. Ashley always puts Hannah first. Whether it is seducing a cop for her, or just simply ordering take out…she always has Hannah’s back.

Virgo: Mona

Virgo’s are known for their intense dedication. They have a focus like no other. Virgo’s are organized almost to a fault. They are known for their loyalty and hard work. I mean who else could pull off being the first “A”?
Virgo’s can be critical on themselves. They strive in an academic setting, but struggle in a social setting. Their great big organized mind can sometimes leave them feeling socially awkward. Virgo’s run on facts over feelings, and sometimes they let their social life take a back seat. They have an all work no play attitude. Virgo’s are known to be extreme overachievers, but all they really want is to fit in. Their resume may be full, but their social circle is on the thinner side. Virgo’s are a force you would not want to reckon with, but they have a secret soft spot. Just like Mona Virgo’s are your secret weapon, but they really just crave to be loved and cuddled.

Libra: Hannah

Passion for fashion. Libra’s are known to be the lover of beauty and indulgence. They are known to shop their feelings away…or shoplift some sunglasses.

Libra’s sign represents fairness with the scale. Hannah is always the first to see all sides of the story. She constantly tries to put herself in other people’s shoes….even when she has the nicest shoes. Hannah is the only one in the group, who does not give up on Mona.

She realizes Mona has made mistakes, but so has she. She believes in fairness and standing up for what is right. She is brave and not afraid to hurt your feelings with the truth. Hannah is diplomatic almost to a fault. Like most Libra’s she breeds creativity, but struggles with focus. Libra’s are a talented bunch, but they also can be indecisive.

Scorpio: Toby

Scorpios are resourceful and brave. No one is bravery than Officer Toby. Scorpio’s are a great advocator for seeking the truth. No one knows right and wrong better than Toby. At the beginning of the series, he was wrongfully blamed for Jenna’s accident. So it is no surprise, that Toby is a seeker for justice. Scorpio’s are known for being mysterious and constantly keeping us guessing.

Toby’s character is often contradicting, because we are not always sure what side he is on. In our hearts we know he is always on the girl’s team, but he is also a police officer. Therefore sometimes he can be put in an awkward position. Scorpio’s have a dangerous wild side, which is probably why Toby opts for this thrilling job. It is not the most comforting job, but Toby finds comfort fighting for what he loves. Scorpio’s are not ones to settle for an “easy” life. They seek adventure, before looking at the price. Scorpios could never be satisfied with just simple. Scorpio’s are also known for grand gestures….what is more grand than building a house for Spencer? Some Notebook kinda love.

Sagittarius: Jason

Sags are infamously known for their wanderlust. No one has more stamps on their passport than Jason. They find happiness in their adventures. Sags are not meant to be confined with small town lifestyle. Small town small minds. Sagitatrius’s are also known for their brutal honesty. They are an open book, and all and all that is a good thing. They can sing your praises when they mean it, but if they smell something funky they will tell Mary Drake to “get off their property”. Sags are fun loving by nature, but do not be fooled they can fight the good fight when they need to. At times they can seem “up in the air” or as Ali would say Jason is “never there”, but he comes home for what is important. Ali is still his sister, and Jason takes that seriously.

Capricorn: Spencer

Capricorn’s are known for their responsible nature and driven work ethic. Spencer definitely enjoys taking the lead with projects, and will not sleep sound until she is satisfied with her work. Capricorn’s tend to determine their happiness based on their accomplishments. They are are goal diggers. Capricorn’s need to feel like they are the “best” at almost everything….. At times they can be known to be credit hogs and know it alls, but even at their worst you still want them on your team. Capricorn’s pride family and quality craftsmanship…which explains Spencer’s attraction to Toby. Capricorn’s are known for tremendous self control. They run with logic over emotion. At times their realistic nature can leave them rather cynical. “Hope breeds eternal misery”.

Aquarius: Ezra

Aquarius’s are the great believers of possibilities. Who is more hopeful than someone dating their student? Aquarius’s are also known for having multiple talents and passions. Ezra has been a teacher, business owner, and an author. Talk about a man that can wear many hats. Aquarius can seem shy and timid at times, but they stand up for what they believe in. Aquarius speaks for others, when they can not find their own voice. They are known to be progressive and a humanitarian. Aquarius are also infamous for being mysterious. Did anyone see Ezra being revealed as “A” coming? Aquarius can have poor communication skills at times and can become distant, yet they always find their way back home. Aquarius tend to be eccentric and have a need for freedom, which is probably why Ezra wanted to elope in Italy. What is more exciting than eloping in Europe?

Pisces: Aria

You beautiful creative soul. Pisces are known to be the “feelers” of the zodiac. They are intensely romantic and they like to show their feelings through their art. Pisces are the type of people that believe in the magic of “first loves”.

They are known to be escapists and daydreamers. Only a Pisces can turn a school girl crush on a teacher into a boyfriend. Pisces run on their emotions…even when they can not defend their reasoning to others, they still believe. They art intuitive and they trust their gut, even when every factor is telling them not to. They could work on being more logical, but they prefer to live with rose coloured glasses on. They are happiest when they are following their passion and their heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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