Here’s What You’re Like As The Single Friend, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

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Hi friends, to play this game we all need to take the Myers Briggs personality test I promise it will be worth it, or at least entertaining.There are 4 types of personality groups : Diplomats, Analysts, Sentinels, finally but definitely not least the Explorers. The Diplomats are the dreamers, the Analysts are the thinkers, the Sentinels please everyone, and the Explorers live to “seize the day”. We are also divided by the personality code. The personality code reads like so, I for introversion or E for extroversion, N for intuition or S for sensing, T for thinking or F for feeling, J for judging or P for perceiving.

ENFP: You Live In The Past – Diplomat

ENFP’s are deep thinkers, they overanalyze everything and every possibility. They learn the best from their mistakes. ENFP’s take all their past experiences as a lesson. If their friend has any relationship problems, ENFPs are the first to jump in for advice. ENFP’s look at their past relationships, and try to relate them to their friend’s relationships.

They learn from experience. If they can save you the heartbreak, they will share their heartbreak story to you. ENFP’s are the best friend to have a deep venting session with. They need to vocalize their feelings to understand them. ENFP’s will look for every possible answer to each romantic scenario. To an ENFP the possibilities are always endless!
ENFP’s tend to only learn things the hard way, which is why they could still be single.

They have to get heartbroken, before they can appreciate simply being happy. ENFP’s are known to be big dreamers. They can get lost in the fantasy, of the idea of who their partner is “supposed to be”. ENFP’s are always looking at the potential first, and reality second.

ESFP: Getaway Friend – Explorer

ESFP are known to leap, before they look. If you are fighting with your bf, this is the bff you want by your side. She will take you out of town, take you for a night on the town, she will do anything possible to get your mind off him. She is the go-to fun friend that reminds you, “you don’t really need him, to be happy”. You were happy before him, you can be happy without him. All you need is your ESFP bff and your passport. ESFP are known to push people out of their comfort zones. If you feel you are in a boring relationship rut, this friend is your go-to, for some instant excitement.

ESFP’s are extremely observant (this comes from their S, sensing nature). Their fun spirited nature may distract you, but they catch on to everything. ESFP’s are the first to notice when you are actually upset, even when you say you are “fine”.

ESFP could still be the single friend simply, because they get bored quickly. It isn’t always difficult to catch an ESFP’s attention, but it is definitely difficult to keep it! In true Explorer nature, ESFP’s like to “live in the moment”. Thus they tend to avoid conflict. “Tomorrow is another day” attitude. This method could get troublesome, for long-term relationships.

INTP: The Secret Hidden Catch – Analyst

You are so smart, but no one would know it! You hide like a hermit, which is why you are still the single friend. You prefer intellect/artistic stimulation more than anything else. Sometimes you give up far too quickly (socially). Get out more, people can surprise you! You can meet the same person at the library, that you can at a party. You are the friend, that needs a little push to have some fun.

INTP’s are extremely loyal and helpful. They are very selective of their close friends in their life. If they consider you a “close friend”, you should feel honoured. INTP’s are known for their “researching” skills. INTP’s are a strong believer that knowledge is power, (this comes from their T, thinking over feeling).This is the friend you want by your side, before going on a first date. The INTP friend will “creep” you’re love potential on every social media platform available. They do this, because they care.

ESFJ: The Permeant Third Wheel – Sentinel

Your social circle is very important to you. You live for keeping the status quo peace. When your friend has a new significant other, you welcome them with open arms. ESFJ’s are the ones planning potential double dates, and probably trying to date your bf’s bff. They are so deeply invested in the friend group, it has become a part of them. ESFJ’s will do anything and everything not to lose you, to your new boyfriend.

ESFJ’s are not the best at dealing with change. If an ESFJ is single they will most likely attach themselves to your relationship, until they find their next love interest. ESFJ’s are known to be huge people pleasers. Even if they do not like your boyfriend, they would never tell you. If their friend is happy, then they are happy. Peace and harmony in the group is what matters most to them.

ESFJ’s enjoys regular routine and a stable social familiar settings. If an ESFJ is single, they are most likely a Bar Star, at their own local “Cheers” spot. A single ESFJ just wants to go, where everybody knows their name.

INFP: All Is Fair In Love And War – Diplomat

INFP’s are known for speaking their truth. Their morals are everything to them. They want their friends to be happy, but most importantly they need to be treated well. INFP’s can not stand injustice of any kind. If they see their friend in a toxic relationship, they will speak up. Telling the ugly truth may not always make them the most popular, but at least they can sleep well at night knowing they were honest.

Honesty and integrity are two components an INFP lives loyally by. INFP’s can be the perpetually single girl, because they have such high standards. An INFP will not settle for anything less of moral righteousness. A love interest is not worth it to them, if they do not deem them to be worthy. They need to learn no one will ever be perfect, they must learn to make compromises.

ESTP: The Fortune Teller- Explorer

ESTP’s have a knack for reading people, like no other. They pick up quickly on body language and signs. ESTP’s can probably predict, the exact moment your boyfriend will cheat on you. There is no fooling an ESTP, so do not bother trying!

No one plays the dating game, better than an ESTP. They are the friend you ask to analyze all your text messages. ESTP will tell you exactly when to respond, and when to play hard to get. We do not know, how you always know ESTP, but we are glad you do!

ESTP’s are not one for beating around the bush. They are all or nothing. ESTP’s are not here to waste time. They know when to get in and get out.ESTP is most likely single, because they are tough to nail down! Most Explorer types have difficulty with planning and commitment. ESTPs are known to jump to the fun stuff, before any strings are attached.

ENTJ: On The Clock – Analyst

This friend wastes no time. Time is money. ENTJ are the go-tos if you want to make the most out of your night! Newly single? You want an ENTJ by your side. ENTJ’s are natural born leaders and loves a challenge. You like the chase? ENTJ likes you better. You only like what you can’t have it, but don’t worry ENTJ will make it their mission to have you! Once they have set their mind on something, they must have it. ENTJ’s are very goal-oriented and enjoy motivating others around them. Their friends failures is an ENTJ’s failures, and failure is not an option.

ENTJ’s are never boring, they will always keep you entertained. Their brutal honest advice, can help you save your relationship. Ironically ENTJ’s brutal honesty, could also be the reason why they are still single. Not everyone can keep up with an ENTJ, most people can’t! ENTJ’s would love to train/mould you, but not everyone wants that!

ENTJ’s best skill is timing, they know when to get in and get out. An ENTJ can usually tell by the first date if this is worth it.

ISFJ: The One Who Tries To Change You – Sentinel

ISFJ, you see the “good” in everyone and that is really cute….but it does not always work in your favour. You tend to like projects or “fixer uppers”. You want to save them, but who is going to save you?

ISFJ’s must be more aware of when they are being taken advantage of. You can not kill everyone with kindness. ISFJ’s love feeling needed, which is why they are known to go for the “project” types. They love to nurture the Man Child, but they must remember love is a two way street. ISFJ’s remain single, because they easily fall into “almost relationships”. They tend to repress their feelings, to please others. ISFJ’s can quickly become a doormat, if they are not appreciated properly. Remember ISFJ your kindness is your strength ,not your weakness.

ISFJ friends are the first to look on the “bright side” and remain positive. They will give you that sugarcoated advice you need. ISFJ’s are always there to give you that ego boost, when you are down. They are known to be supportive. Even if everyone else in the group is hating on your new man, ISFJ will come quick to your defence!

INFJ: What Goes Around, Comes Around – Diplomat

INFJ are huge believers in karma. They fight for the greater good, not for personal advancement. This is the “nice friend”. The friend that we actually feel bad, being mean around. She is just too nice, it’s almost annoying.

She will be the first in the group to speak up, if someone is being mistreated. She is loyal, but she sees all sides. If you are being unfaithful to your partner, an INFJ friend will tell you what’s up. You will get what you deserve. INFJ’s are nice, but they do not get taken advantage of.

You are such a good doer, but why are you still single? You dive for deep human connection and drown in a shallow sea of mediocrity. INFJ’s are the most rare personality type, possessing less than 1% of the population. Unfortunately you are the few of the “last good left” and that can get lonely. Your altruistic side is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. You live to save, but not everyone can be saved.

ISFP: The Chameleon – Explorer

You morph into every setting perfectly. While most people run away from change, you run to it! You are the perfect single girl wingwoman. ISFP’s have no problem going to a party where they know no one, sometimes they actually prefer it! You are far from shy, and you are intrigued by people different from you.

They are known for their spontaneous nature. The perfect person to bring to, any last minute function! However, I wouldn’t recommend making long term plans with an ISFP…They are always on the go or on to the next one. ISFP tend to fear commitment. ISFP’s like living their life day by day,which is why they most likely are still single. ISFP’s fear almost nothing, but being tied down terrifies them. They are great “in the moment” people, but long term plans can chase them away!

INTJ: Caught Up In Your Own World – Analyst

INTJ’s are a rare breed. They obtain the creativity with the control.

INTJ’s are very rationale almost to a fault, but love is not rationale.

INTJ’s attempt to choose a partner like they would furniture shopping. They make a pro/con list, and hope the stars will align. You can not create your “Dream Man”. Love is about feelings. Humans are not robots, you can program.INTJ’s are the single friend that help you weigh out the pros/cons in your relationship. Should I stay? Or should I go? He loves me? He loves me not? INTJ friend can help you weigh out the facts in your relationship, but they have a hard time understanding the emotional sides.

ESTJ: The Mom – Sentinel

You are overprotective, you are a planner, you truly want the best for us.

ESTJ, you are basically our Mom. I am sorry, if we don’t always remember to tell you how much we appreciate you!

ESTJ are by the book and always fair, but if you break her friend’s heart, ESTJ will break you! When one of her girls has a new man, ESTJ are all over it! They are stalking him on Linkedin, Instagram, Fb, Twitter. They really believe in fact checking ( T, for thinking over feeling). ESTJ’s are analyzing all your text messages and picking out your outfits for your dates! Some may say they “micromanage” a bit too much….but it actually eases their stress by helping you!

ESTJ’s can be a bit OCD, which is why they could still be single! You love order and being organized, which is great in the workforce! However, sometimes romance calls for a little adventure! Don’t be afraid to shy away from the plan. The best moments in life are the ones we never anticipated. Love can not be planned, only fallen.

ENFJ: If It Isn’t Real, It Isn’t Worth It – Diplomat

ENFJ value authenticity, more than anything else. Being genuine is who they are. They care for others, more than themselves. They are not one for playing dating games. ENFJ have a natural optimistic blind eye. Be kind to them, and do not take advantage of it. ENFJ are your sunny disposition friends. Their positive attitude usually leads to successful self-fulling prophecies. ENFJ care deeply for their friends and loved ones, almost a little too much. If you are upset, they are upset for you. They feel what you feel, your happiness is just as important as theirs.

ENFJ are the type of friends, where you can have endless meaningless conversations with. They can analyze your feelings for hours and never get bored. ENFJ’s genuinely just feel good, by helping you. ENFJ’s are known for being reliable. If you need to cry to someone at 3 am for absolutely no reason at all, ENFJ will probably pick up the phone.
ENFJ’s may still be single, because like most Diplomat personality types they are known for being indecisive. He loves me? He loves me not?

ENFJ’s can be debating this until the end of time. They struggle with fluctuating self-esteem, and can constantly question if they are “good enough”? Don’t worry ENFJ we love you for, exactly who you are!

ISTP: Dare To Be Different- Explorer

ISTP like most Explorer types, live for experiences. A single ISTP, is not going to waste their Friday nights away alone at home! They will make the most out of their freedom! ISTP is not one to regular at the “ole watering hole”. Going somewhere twice, is twice too many! ISTP’s like to experience as much as they can! They are known for their incredible improvising skills! Last minute white water rafting trip? ISTP is down.

ISTP’s have a spirited nature. This personality type is more likely to play the field. They like to sample all the flavours, before buying the ice cream. ISTP’s want to feel like they truly “lived”, before they have to settle down.

ISTP’s have a great mixture of cool and calm demeanour with a flash of excitement. They can stay chill when they have to, and jump up when you need them to. ISTP friend is always there to calm you down, and pump you up.

ISTP may still be single, because they want so much of “life” first. Like most explorer types, they are a tough cookie to settle down with. They feel they need to experience everything, before they give themselves to someone completely. ISTP’s are a strong believer, that “you only have one life”.

ENTP: The Ugly Truth – Analsyt

You like to explore and debate every possibility. ENTP’s like to question everything, even when they are certain of the right answer. In true Analyst nature, they have an undying quest for knowledge. They will not be satisfied with a mere “feeling”, they need facts to back it up (T for thinking over feeling). ENTP is the friend that is always playing the “what if” game. You like to play devil’s advocate and look at all sides of the story.

Of course ENTP will always have their friend’s back, but they are not afraid to disagree with their friend! ENTP’s will always be truthful and tell you what you do not want to hear. ENTP friends always say “put yourself in their shoes”. ENTP is your logical friend, that will be honest with you. ENTP friend will say “Yes, you are actually acting crazy” or “No, you are not being emotional, he is just an asshole”. When you are ready to hear the unedited truth about your relationship, talk to your ENTP friend.

ENTP’s are still the single friend, because not everyone can handle their bold fire of honesty. For those who can take the heat, they love you for it ENTP. For the others…they just get burned. It’s okay you don’t need them ENTP…you would get bored “playing nice” for them. Remember ignorance is bliss!

ISTJ- I’ll Be There For You – Sentinel

In true Sentinel form, they are people pleasers first, individuals second. ISTJ’s form their identity on what they can do for other people. ISTJ’s are extremely thorough. They will never commit to something and not come through. Their word is everything to them. ISTJ’s are the “wifey” type, logical, hardworking, and dedicated. They are not one to blame others, ISTJ’s will always take responsibility for their actions.

ISTJ’s are very decisive. Once their mind is made up, there isn’t much you can do to change it. ISTJ is your single dependable friend. You know you can count on them, to go your new boyfriend’s birthday party with. They will never leave you hanging. ISTJ’s are not known to be risk takers, they are far too reliable for that. Their reserved nature can make dating difficult for them. ISTJ’s only like to jump into the dating pool, when they are certain they are ready. They are not one for frivolous meaningless relationships. You won’t meet an ISTJ “randomly”. They tend to stick to the “birds of a feather, flock together” method, which is why they are more likely to date within their social circle or a co-worker.

ISTJ’s are very self-sufficient, which is why they may still be single. ISTJ’s have a hard time sharing the workload or responsibility. They like to be the one helping others, but they do not like to ask for help. Their striking independence could leave them secluded. Remember ISTJ ,it can be lonely on the top. Share your work, share your success, and share a life together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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