5 Reasons Why Attractive People Have A Harder Time Finding Real Relationships

Larisa Birta

1. Too Many Options

The classic “ I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket” syndrome. However by keeping your options too open, you are never giving anyone a real chance.

You give everyone 25% of your time and effort, no one can capture your full attention if you do not let them. You end up in love triangles far too often and they can go on for ages, because you never seem to make a decision.

It is possible to love more than one person at the same time. On the other hand by keeping all of these options open, you are essentially closing yourself off to something real. I know there are aspects you “love” about each of them, but beauty can only make them stay for so long. Eventually they will grow tired of this game and find someone who wants to be serious with them.

2. Case Of Not Enough

Attractive people always feel like they are settling. It isn’t their fault they feel this way, the media has given them a diluted version of self worth. We live in a world where physical beauty is praised more than anything else. We rank our self-worth on our instagram likes. Some jobs merit candidates by their number of followers. This social media beauty ego boost, makes beautiful people think they deserve better. It is easy for Alice to fall in the shallow rabbit hole, when all of her friends are pushing her in.

Their beauty becomes like a prize, that must be earned and nothing ever seems good enough. They will always believe there is something more out there. This thinking is preventing them to see what could be “real” and right in front of their noses all along. Attractive people have this perception that “the grass is always greener”. When they are given all this attention, they don’t really know what to do with it. They throw away genuine opportunities for a real relationship, in hopes for a fairy tale that probably doesn’t exist.

3. Everyone Is Replaceable

Finding someone new in this day and age is just too easy. With every online dating platform out there, a pretty girl doesn’t even have to leave the house to get 5 dates booked up.

By being recognized as “attractive,” they know they can easily find someone else who would be interested in them. Therefore attractive people may give up too soon, knowing they can easily find someone else that finds them desirable.

4. Jealousy

If they do have a steady partner, it won’t be long before he becomes jealous. This pretty girl most likely has an infinite amount of male friends, that would be dying to take that coveted boyfriend role. Or she could have a “pretty person job”, where a part of her job can be based on her looks.

Some men will enjoy feeling like they have a trophy. However most of the time, they will fear losing her. They will feel inadequate and even when they have her, they won’t feel like they ever do. They will always feel like they are competing with everyone else, even when she is his.

5. She Becomes A Fantasy, But Never A Reality

When looks are the first thing you always see, finding her surface can be difficult. The truth about beautiful women is, most of the time they are the most insecure. There is this underlining feeling they can not shake out of them, that men are only here for their looks. She fears they only look at her, but never see her. “ Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”

She is the “fantasy girl”, the “muse”, but she isn’t your wife. She isn’t “girlfriend material”. She is something you want, but not something you need. You don’t give her a chance to leave that realm of fantasy and become real. You do not give her the chance to be both, and she can be.

You keep her on that shallow pedestal and go for a girl who is more “simple”, because that’s easier. But, easy is never worth it. The “simple girl” may be the safe choice, yet that doesn’t mean she is the right choice.

There is a sense of security with the “simple girl”. This is rooted back to #4 “Jealousy.” Sometimes a more attractive girl can be poorly typecast. She can be mistaken for a “gold digger”, “trophy wife”, “princess”, “tease”, “hard to get” ,“superficial”, or “just a pretty face”. Her looks can give her a reputation, she never asked for. Her beauty can make her seem unattainable.

Most men give up too easily on her, because they fear rejection. They put her in the “trophy section”, but not the “good girl section”. She is the “Dream Girl,” but she isn’t the girl you end up with. The “Dream Girl” scares you and the “Safe Girl” doesn’t. At the end of the day, you do not want to gamble. You want a for sure thing. This “Dream Girl” is a risk, and you are tired of rolling the dice with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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