4 Uncomfortable Things Only Extroverted Introverts Will Understand

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1. Just Because We’re Quiet….Doesn’t Mean We Have Nothing To Say

It’s quite the opposite actually…we tend to be thinking much more than others! Extroverted introverts can not always control the flow of all their thoughts at once. We tend to think before we speak, and we think DEEPLY. At times extroverted introverts seem “quiet” or “uninterested”. In reality we are often the most intrigued. We do not always vocalize all our thoughts. Extroverted introverts are not the type to “think out loud”. We prefer to filter our ideas, before sharing. We may not always be “talking” the most, but we are always “thinking” the most.

2. There Is Something Sexy About Secrets

It’s not that we want to be private or exclusive. It’s just there is something “special” about having a secret. We would rather “listen to all…but talk to few”. It’s great if you are an open book! However, extroverted introverts are the type of people that like to save intimate thoughts with someone special. We have every capability of opening up, but to the RIGHT people.

3. We Are Known To Go MIA…

Don’t get upset…we do this to everyone. I am guilty of this myself. We love to research and put our whole heart in everything we do. Therefore we do not always make the best multitaskers! If we are working on our thesis or studying for our exams…expect our phones to be on silent and be prepared to be ignored. Extroverted introverts are constant thinkers, we can not be distracted with emotions when we are trying to finish a task. I am sorry this seems insensitive, but we need to preserve our energy right now!

4. We Have A Weird Happy Place

We have this constant battle of wanting to be around people and wanting to be alone at the same time. Extroverted introverts always want to stay stimulated and motivated… and we want to share that with you! We want to read to you our favourite quote in a novel, and hear your thoughts! Extroverted introverts do not want to go into a loud crowded club and dance the night away.

We want to have real genuine conversations about art, literature, and history. We want to be constantly evolving. We do not want to get drunk and forget everything we did the next morning. We want to hear opinions, feedback, and feel support. We want something more real than a hangover.

Our ideal best night would be a smaller house party. Somewhere we can enjoy a good talk or a fun game amongst close friends, or an intimate dinner party catching up with old friends. We want to be stimulated, but not overwhelmed. We may not always seem like the “life of the party”, but we can definitely light up a room. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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