This Is How You Deal With Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ezra Jeffrey

 Aries: On To The Next

Aries do what they want, when they want to. If they are stressed, they do something they always wanted to do, but never have yet. Whether it be skydiving or improv classes. They take their secret passion and thrive on it. They live on adrenaline and a natural rush for life. If they feel stressed, they go for that goal they always wanted to aim for. No pain no game. No risk no reward. Like Leo’s they pride themselves on their accomplishments. However, Aries are a little more on the adventurous side. Aries are more likely to switch careers or convince you to jump off a plane with them. Life is all about the adventure right?

Taurus: Ballin Out

Like Libra, you are ruled by Venus. You both share an appreciation for the finer things in life. Taurus finds solace in showing off his money. If he is stressed out, the tab is on him for the night. I highly suggest going out with a Taurus, when they have a had a bad day. They find comfort in showing off their success. Like Libra, they need to be liked. Taurus seems to “buy” other people’s love. They are big braggers and bigger tippers. They are extremely loyal and like to take care of their friends. They find happiness being the provider. Taurus likes to feel strong and needed.

Gemini: Party Outside Of The Box

Gemini is the sign of the twin. Gemini is in a constant battle with their opposing personalities. They are very curious and love meeting new people. Yet, at the same time they are highly creative and need their alone time. One second they are the “life of the party”, the next they can be shutting everyone out. Their social time is just as important as their reflective time. When a Gemini is stressed, they need a good girls night out. However, not just any plain boring girls night out. They do not want to go to the ole watering hole. They want to do something new, something adventurous, and they want to meet new people along the way. Whether it be a concert, or rock climbing, they want something that can stimulate both social and creative aspects. Gemini’s are not about shallow adventure. They try to make every outing unique.

Cancer: You Eat Your Feelings

Home is where the heart is. Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They feel most loved when they are surrounded by family or close friends. In true Cancer nature, they cling to their family, friends, or partner in times of stress. Cancers are true homebodies. They love nothing more than a good home-cooked meal. They probably baked cupcakes last Friday night and Instagrammed it.

Leo: Queen Bee

You thrive on your ego and pride. A Leo does not take weakness lightly. If they are stressed, they must overcompensate in another area of their life. If their relationship is falling apart, then they will take on a new position or project at work. Rather it be a charity, promotion, or a creative project. As long as a Leo feels praised, they can relieve stress. If a Leo receives a sense of great accomplishment in another area in their life, this will diminish their stress. So what if I don’t have a boyfriend? Guess who, just got promoted!

Virgo: Master Mind Planner

Like true Virgo nature, they like to overthink, over analyze, and over plan. The most strategic sign in the zodiac. Virgo’s are known to be anal organizers. When they are stressed, they make a pro/con list to ease their mind. By weighing each positive and negative effectively, they can feel less stressed. They can strategize an efficient plan, that will probably be highlighted and colour-coated. This plan will keep them distracted, and they will be so busy, they will forget what stressed them out in the first place!

Libra: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Libra ruled by Venus, lover of all beauty. When Libra’s are stressed, they run to what makes them feel beautiful. This can be rather dangerous for their bank account, since they are known for their indecisive nature. Can’t choose between navy and sky blue? That’s okay, Libra will just get them both. Libra’s are known to be huge people pleasers. At the same time it is a two-way street, they need to feel loved and valued by others. They can not stand when they are not liked. Nothing can make them feel better, like being visually more appealing. No one can not like me, in this new leather jacket. Libra’s tend to bottle up a lot of their emotions, to please others. When a Libra is ready to burst she is using her Visa for it. Swipe now, think later right? So what if I am upset? At least, I look amazing. Whoever looks the best, wins the breakup.

Scorpio: Got Your Tease On

Scorpio’s are known to be the sexiest of the zodiac. Their emotions are intense and they live for great passion. In moments of stress, they get all dolled up and let the compliments fly. They start the night with a killer selfie. They walk in, like they own the place. Attitude is everything. They become a bar star overnight. Every girl wants to be her, every guy wants to be with her. They get free shots from the stranger across the bar. They live the night up to the fullest, and deal with tomorrow in the morning.

Sagittarius: Gone Girl

You better not blink twice, because the second a Sagittarius is stressed she is gone in the blink of an eye! Nothing frees a Sagittarius’s mind like vacation! A little holiday in the sun, is just what the Sagittarius needs to avoid their problems. Sagittarius’s like avoiding their problems from very far distances. Whether it be a quick getaway to the cottage, or an impromptu weekend in the city. Sagittarius’s like to leave now and plan later. Their live in the moment nature makes them flee from conflict. I can’t deal with it, if I am not in town right? When I come back….this will all be blown over by then. Pack now, deal with stress later.

Capricorn: Work Hard, Play Harder

The finance bad boys. These are the suits that know how to party. Nobody works harder than a Capricorn, and no one plays harder either. Capricorn’s are almost always stressed. Most intelligent people stress easier, than others. Remember ignorance is bliss. No one is more goal-oriented than a Capricorn. He works hard, so he deserves a reward. After a long 14 hour day at the office, you better believe he is partying until 6 am. He is coming straight from his suit from work, going to after work drinks at 7 he wastes no time.

Aquarius: You Disappear.

Distant and mysterious Aquarius. No matter how many years go by, you always keep us guessing. You are already naturally the loner type. In times of stress, you have the tendency to disconnect from the whole world. You turn off your phone, you take a walk alone in nature. Sometimes you come back in a couple of hours, sometimes you come back in a couple of days. We will never know with you, Aquarius. That’s why we love you and hate you at the same time.

Pisces: You Use Your Heart To Make Art

Artistic and beautiful. Pisces are the sign of the escapist. When the world has got them down, you best believe they are going to paint about it! Whether it be singing, songwriting, painting. Pisces use their stress like a muse. Whatever their passion may be, they use it as an outlet. It could be kickboxing or ballet dancing. They relieve their stress with their own form of art. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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