This Is What ‘13 Reasons Why’ Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Pisces: Hannah

Emotional, creative, tragically beautiful, hello Hannah Baker. Pisces are known to be a “misunderstood artist”. They are constantly wanting something more. Pisces’s are desperately desiring an escape. Hannah’s dream was to start over in New York, where she could be “anyone she wanted to be”. Unfortunately Hannah’s guidance counsellor said, she had “unrealistic dreams”.

Pisces dream of a world, most of us are too afraid to believe in. Instead of discouraging them, we should be learning how to sing their praises. We all know how far the “compliment box” can go. It might just save a life.

Aries: Justin

Competitive, driven, nothing can stop an Aries. Just like Justin, an Aries never lets anything distract them from their goal. Justin easily has the most obstacles to task, however he never lets his weakness show. He does what he has to, even if that can be ruthless at times. An Aries does not define themselves on “what they have”, they define themselves on what they can “accomplish”. Justin has little to no help, but he manages to be the most envied guy at school.

Like true Aries nature, what he lacks in one department he overcompensates in another. He can’t chose his family, but he can chose his future. His basketball scholarship is his “golden ticket” to escape his abusive family. Justin won’t let his past dictate his future.

Taurus: Tyler

Taurus is the most reliable sign of the zodiac. Who is more reliable than the yearbook photographer? He is always there for us…or following us. Regardless Tyler is there. Taurus’s are lovers of beauty, and the material world. Tyler captures Hannah’s “beauty” in all of his photographs. He is greatly committed to his passion, even if he is the subject of teasing. A Taurus is known to be a loveable sidekick.

Tyler desperately wants to be more involved in the group, but sometimes too much pushing does more damage than good. Taurus’s are very practical. Tyler is really the only one (except for Hannah’s tapes, of course) that has hardcore evidence (with his photographs) that could save them. Not always the most popular, but definitely the most useful.

Gemini: Jess

Just like Jess, Gemini’s are known to having 2 different sides to them.They are curious, they love meeting new people, they are deemed to be the “life of the party”. The true sign of the twin, Gemini’s are known to have contradicting personalities. When we first meet Jess, she is the cool shy “new girl”. Her family gets moved around a lot, so she struggles with keeping friends. This girl is likeable, relatable, she is the girl we like to get hot chocolate with. She is the girl who has a rock collection.

Overnight, she became the cheerleader. The popular girl who throws wild parties. She dates the jock, becomes the object of every guy’s affection. She isn’t the girl you relate to anymore. She isn’t the girl you like to be friends with anymore. Now she is the girl you are jealous of, but you really have no reason to be. Just like Justin shows us, popularity isn’t all what it seems to be. Jess gives up more than she should have. The girl who seemed to “have it all” was drinking in the middle of the day.

Cancer: Sheri

Cancer is the sign of the “Homemaker”. The most domestic and emotional sign. The “Caring Cancer”. Sheri does fit into that sweet girl next door demeanour. To free herself from her sins, she does as much good as she can for others. She starts to visit the old aging couple, that was involved in her accident. Initially Sheri was there to come clean about the accident, but she didn’t have the heart to break the news to them.

The elderly couple took such a liking to Sheri, she couldn’t hurt them further. Instead of telling the truth, Sheri started to become a frequent visitor to the elderly couple. She would help around the house, join them for dinner. Just like any Cancer, Sheri instantly became a part of the family.

Leo: Zach

Leo’s are known to taken centre stage. They are social and well-liked, and usually loyal. Leo’s also are known for their egos. Sign of the lion, they can become a beast when protecting their pride. As Zach’s mom said “Zach should be captain”. The second Hannah breaks Zach’s ego by rejecting him in the cafeteria, all hell breaks loose.

Zach went from being this sweet jock to a beast overnight. Once a Leo feels threatened, there is no telling what they are capable of. Zach’s ego is hurt, now he must break down Hannah’s. He steals Hannah’s compliments from the anonymous “compliment box”. If Leo’s can’t feel their greatness, no one else can either.

Virgo: Courtney

Overachiever, over-planner, organized, this is a Virgo in a nutshell. You are a member of the “honour board”. You are probably running for every position in the student body election. Your hard work is admired, but your work shouldn’t define you. Your goals shouldn’t come before who you truly are.

Your life isn’t always a resume. College applications aren’t everything. Take a second to breathe, and try to truly remember what actually makes you happy. Think to yourself is this all worth it? Is your reputation worth a friend’s life?

Libra: Ryan

Libra’s are ruled by Venus. Libra’s are known to be the lover of beauty. What could be more beautiful than poetry? Ryan is the one who publishes Hannah’s poem for the whole school to see. In his defense he does leave the author anonymous, but the kids still cracked Hannah’s handwriting. We will give Ryan the benefit of the doubt, and hope this was just a good deed gone wrong. Sometimes it isn’t about the outcome, but the intention. Ryan does greatly encourage Hannah’s writing by giving her the journal.

Like true Libra nature, Ryan is incredibly social and constantly thinking about others. As Ryan said “he published a fucking poem, and it was beautiful”. Sorry, not sorry.

Scorpio: Bryce

Sorry Scorpio no one wants to be Bryce, but someone has to… Rumor has it, Scorpio’s are the sign we should “watch out for”. Scorpio’s are deemed to be passionate, and a “true friend”. Bryce definitely proves he can be there for his friends. His house is the social scene of the century. Bryce is pretty much Gatsby, but a little bit more aggressive and impatient. I doubt Bryce would wait 5 years for Daisy. Throughout most of the series, Bryce proves to be Justin’s only friend. When Justin needed somewhere to go, Bryce was always there to pick up his pieces. The first time Justin went without Bryce’s help, he was left wandering the streets all night alone. Zach wouldn’t even pick up Justin’s call.

Bryce isn’t always the best friend…Scorpio’s are known to be violent and distrusting. That pretty much sums up Bryce. Bryce’s main issue is control. Bryce seems to be very generous, but don’t be fooled puppets there are always “strings attached”. Bryce is “power hungry” and lives in the rule of the “hierarchy”. He believes since he is wealthy, popular, an athlete, he deserves “female affection”. No one deserves anything, everything must be earned. Everything must not be one-sided, there must be consent.

Sagittarius: Jeff

Happy go lucky Sag. Leap, before you think. Sometimes their “in the moment” thinking can be detrimental. Sagittarius’s are carefree and fun. You are thoughtful and help out your friends whenever you can. You are the first to volunteer for a beer run. You are our right hand man, when it comes to girl advice.

Sagittarius are always there to be our loyal wingman, with their “down for anything” attitude. Although they can come off as aloof, they have a serious side. Sagittarius’s are extremely versatile people. They effortlessly go from “life of the party” person, to the person you are in the corner having “life chats” with at midnight.

Capricorn: Marcus

Capricorn’s are “workaholics”, their image is everything. Capricorn’s have never met a goal that could not reach. Their “can do anything” attitude, can sometimes be a bit overpowering. Marcus is basically in charge of every club at school. He is running for valedictorian, he is running for student body president, he is in charge of your fate on the “honour board”.

Marcus’s future is everything to him. He becomes so blinded by his “goals”, he can’t see the difference between right and wrong. For someone on the “honour board”, he can’t recognize when he has crossed the line. Right and wrong can be black and white, but lately Marcus has been seeing a lot of grey. When it comes to protecting his perfect reputation, many of the so called “rules”, do not apply to him and his friends.

Aquarius: Clay

Sensitive, smart, fighting for a greater good. Aquarius’s are known to be intuitive loners. They are usually well-liked, as we see throughout the show Clay seems to have many friends. He is always included and invited to most of the parties, yet he doesn’t always seem like he wants to be there. Clay would prefer an intellectual intimate conversation over beer pong. He is very selective with his company.

To an Aquarius, it is about quality not quantity. Aquarius’s are always looking to do the right thing, even if that isn’t always the most popular choice. Their independent almost to a fault, but they like to play by their own rules and run on their own schedules. Sorry guys, Clay will finish the tapes at his leisure. The rest of you will just have to wait, an Aquarius will not budge. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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