This Is The Difference Between A Man And Woman’s Idea Of ‘Timing’ (And Why It Makes Dating So Difficult)

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

I don’t believe in love, but I believe in timing. Everything in life is dependent on timing. “The one that got away” is the classic bad timing fairytale. She was perfect, he was too young to realize what he had. They can never go back, because now she is broken. She can never fully forgive him, there will always be that underling resentment.


Life is about timing, it is that simple. Men will always chose timing over love. Men care more about themselves, it’s that simple. They care more about their life. If their career is going on track, if they are in the right place, have the right apartment.

These things triumph over romance to them.

They figure when they are ready, when the TIME is right they will settle down and find a nice girl. But what about all those beautiful girls they meet when the time wasn’t right? What happens to them? Men care more about timing than falling in love. They can fall in love all they want, but if it is not the right time it simply won’t work.

The biggest difference between men and women with love, is that men care more about timing and women care more about that perfect person. Men can’t have that perfect person if their life isn’t perfect yet. It all has to align for them, if their life is a mess they simply can’t be in a serious relationship. Men won’t even try if they feel they are not ready.

Men can wake up one day and decide their life is together now, it is the time and say “I want a girlfriend”. It can be the first girl who opens the door that day and gives him the slightest bit of attention. It is that simple for men.

They will always care more about timing than love, because they choose WHEN they want to love. Men will blame it on “she wasn’t the one”, no you just didn’t want her to be because you weren’t ready to give her a chance and love her. They are not capable of real love if it isn’t the right time for them.


Whereas women can be the complete opposite. Women care more about romance and the “perfect man”. They have a checklist and if everything adds up with this man, they are willing do anything to make it work.

Women do not care about how fatal the timing may be. The woman could be 19 or 50 if she thinks she is in love, she is dedicated and is willing to do whatever it takes. Women care much more about the person than the timing factor. They are the ones willing to compromise and possibly even move for love and follow them if they had to. Hope stays alive because of women, otherwise men would give up.

When they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, they are referring to how a woman feels. Whereas with men it is “out of sight, out of mind”. Men are that simple. Women are willing to wait for the right person, men are waiting until they become the right person. For women it is about the perfect partner not the perfect timing. However, men feel like they can not become the perfect partner if it isn’t the right time. It becomes a catch 22 situation.

Many people confuse love with timing. Life is about timing. Men can be in love, but if it isn’t the right time it won’t matter. Love isn’t enough. Life happens, you can’t control it.

For all those women who fall under the bad timing spectrum. Do not feel like he didn’t choose you. It wasn’t the right time and that is everything. He didn’t replace you because he loves his new girlfriend more, it was just good timing. When he met you he was young, naive, and stupid which is the worst time to fall in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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