This Is The Difference Between A Bad Boy And A Good One

Callie Morgan
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Bad boy or good guy one of life’s eternal questions. Do you want the rush of a bad boy? Or the steadiness of a good guy? Do you want a pick me up? Or someone to pick you up. Do you want a Prince Charming to save you, or a lost boy to find you.

The good guy is always there for you; it is as simple as that. The little stuff does matter, and he takes the time to notice them. You never have to worry about him ditching you, or not calling you back, because he would never abandon you. Good guys just don’t do that, it is not their nature. The good guy is the kind of guy that not only holds your hand, but also gives you a piggyback ride and carries you and your heels home from the bar.

He is the one taking care of you, making you that much needed drunken food. Good guys know hungry girls are not happy girls. A good guy probably also has a sister, they just understand woman better.

They know it is always just better to say, “I am sorry” instead of getting into a fight that is not worth it. With that being said, do not let this nice guy fool you. He has a wild side that is waiting to be unleashed, while you guys are alone. He knows what foreplay is, because he actually spends the time physically getting to know girls in his relationships. He does not have the bad boy’s track record of one-night stands. The good guy is not fooling around; he knows what he is doing. The good guy is not your nice guy, he is your hero.

Every girl’s dream is to find a bad boy at the right time, when he does not want to be bad anymore. There is something so alluring about the unattainable. It’s a mystery, it’s a chase, it is a game. There is a rush bad boys give you that is unexplainable. There is something that keeps you always coming back.

They always leave you wanting more and that’s the problem and the answer to the bad boy. The wanting more is the bad boy’s catch 22, what you hate about them is what you love about them. One day the rush, just isn’t worth it anymore. You do not know when to fight for them or when to give up? The crossroads you have with them is a far as your story can go, because they are just a bad boy who can’t be tamed. If you really want to change them, you never wanted them anyways. Love is not about change.

You not only accept each other’s flaws, but love them for it. You don’t love someone for who they CAN be, but for who they ARE. At the end of the day the bad boy will always come back, because they just know the second you stopped thinking about them.

The good guy may find a girl who appreciates him. The question isn’t who do you want? It is who do you not want to lose? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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