27 Simple Moments That Make Men Happiest In Relationships


1. The way her skin always feel so soft when she touches you.

2. Anytime you’re close enough to smell her hair and it smells like coconuts or oranges or any other shampoo smell you’d never find in a guy’s product.

3. When something you say makes her laugh a deep, genuine belly laugh.

4. When she’s scared and she reaches out for you, as if you magically make her feel safe.

5. When you’re talking to her and you don’t have to explain every little thing because you’re so close and she knows what makes you tick. Just feeling so deeply understood by someone.

6. When you see her when she’s sleepy in the morning, before she gets out of bed, and you know you’re the only one in the world who gets to see her like this.

7. Any time she lets out that little contented sigh, ever.

8. When one of your friends is giving you shit and she sticks up for you.

9. When you’re sick and instead she says “what should I bring you?” instead of “do you need anything?” because she’s your person and of course she’s going to take care of you.

10. When she cries over a sad movie, because her heart is so big she feels for people who are just characters in a story.

11. When she’s cold and snuggles into you because somehow you’re always the warm one.

12. They way they are so positive and always wanting to help you look on the bright side of a situation.

13. They way they remember the little things, like sending you a text wishing you luck before something important you have to do.

14. When she hugs you or you’re cuddling and you can feel her inhaling your scent and smiling to herself.

15. When she sees a cute animal and goes nuts. The way something so simple brings her so much joy.

16. When they ask your advice and you can tell they put a lot of weight behind your opinion.

17. They way they curl their body into yours when you’re watching a movie on the couch.

18. When watching a movie on the couch is more fun than going out to an event and you play hooky together.

19. When they do something overwhelmingly thoughtful like write you a note with all the things they like about you so you can keep it and look at it when she’s not around.

20. Any time you see a TV show where a woman is nagging a guy or wanting him to change and you realize you feel totally comfortable being yourself with her, and she still loves you.

21. When she initiates sex and you understand what it feels like to be pursued.

22. When you’re in public and something makes you both laugh because of an inside joke and you catch each other’s eye, but no one else gets it.

23. The way it feels when they run their hands over you, not in a sexual way, just casual physical affection to let you know that you are loved.

24. When she talks about something she’s passionate about.

25. When you’re in the car together and she sings along to a song she likes.

26. When they let you be the little spoon.

27. When you’re really upset and she comforts you even though you try to shrug it off, and it just feels like she’s there for you no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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